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Simon Cowell is a British music executive, TV personality, television presenter, celebrity and entrepreneur, famous for his hit shows Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. He has appeared in the Simpsons three times now. His first appearance was as a role of a brutally honest judge, much like he is on his talent shows, in the episode Smart and Smarter, in which he ... Simon Phillip Cowell (born October 7, 1959) is the creator of America's Got Talent and a judge from Season 11, Season 12, Season 13, Season 14, and Season 15 of the show. [2] Simon also judged Champions 1 and Champions 2. He has judged X Factor US, UK, Pop Idol, American Idol and Britain's Got Talent before. He is also the producer of the Got Talent franchise, the Idol franchise, and the X ... Simon Phillip Cowell (born October 7, 1959) is an English television personality, A&R executive, television producer, and entrepreneur. He is famous in the United Kingdom and in the United States for his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor, and both Britain's and America's Got Talent. In 'Lois Kills Stewie' at American Idol auditions with co-judges ... Simon Cowell, English reality TV judge, producer, and philanthropist is a recognized judge from some of the highest rating TV shows including The X-Factors, American Idol, and Got Talent. He is also a founder and chief executive of the company, Syco. Simon Cowell Net Worth. As of September 2020, Simon Cowell has an estimated net worth of around $650 million. The major part of his income comes from his profession as a judge on several television reality shows. He also earns a huge sum of money as a businessman. His annual earning is estimated at around $95 million. Simon Phillip Cowell (born October 7, 1959) is an English A&R executive, television producer, entrepreneur, and television personality. He is known in the United Kingdom and United States for being a talent judge on TV shows like Pop Idol, The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and American Idol and America's Got Talent.He is also the owner of the television production and music publishing house ...

Why One Direction is the biggest and best boyband

2020.08.23 19:14 RebekhaG Why One Direction is the biggest and best boyband

First off look at their accomplishments here And they broke 6 Guinness world records. Their fandom is still strong 10 years later even after 5 years of hiatus. They broke a Vevo record. Here is more of their accomplishments here One Direction did all of this because of the fans. Their record label Syco records and Modest! management and Simon Cowell also played a role in how successful 1D is. With how painful it was to mention them they had a role in how a successful 1D became. 1D is the most successful artist to come through the X Factor. Even though the boys went through so much because of Simon Cowell and management the boys made it work. They boys went through somethings no artist should go through. The dark side of their management was bad. The boys suffered some because of their management. Liam had a drinking problem Zayn was denied song ideas and he went through an eating disorder. Harry has said that Simon gave him anxiety. They boys are better. The boys will come back one day and I think it's soon there are too many signs that they might come back this year. One Direction is a boyband that we'll never see again. I'm proud to call myself a Directioner since 2012. Even when Zayn left the band the fandom still supported him and One Direction. As solo artists Directioners still support the boys. Even with the short amount of time when they were together they accomplished so much. I love the boys so much.
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2020.08.16 04:28 PineapplePenguin175 Rule 34

Rule 34 is an adult internet meme and slang that states that, as a rule, Internet pornography exists concerning every conceivable topic. The concept is commonly depicted as fan art of normally non-erotic subjects engaging in sexual behavior. Rule 34 may have originated from a 2003 webcomic, captioned "Rule #34 There is porn of it. No exceptions.", which was drawn by Peter Morley-Souter to depict his shock at seeing Calvin and Hobbes parody porn. Internet users have made Rule 34 into a prevalent meme, owing to the ubiquity of Internet pornography, especially among genres such as fan fiction, slash fiction and hentai. In May 2007, a Rule 34 database was launched on with a searchable archive of Rule 34 images, and similar sites began appearing soon after. On August 20th that year, the webcomic xkcd published a comic titled "Rule 34", which involved hypothetical sexual scenarios including homoerotic spelling bees. In 2008, users of the imageboard 4chan posted numerous sexually explicit parodies and cartoons illustrating Rule 34. In the special argot of 4chan request forums, "porn" is called rule 34, Pr0nz.One dictionary of neologisms claims that Rule 34 "began appearing on Internet postings in 2008." As Rule 34 continued spreading on the Internet, traditional media began reporting on it. A 2009 Daily Telegraph article listed Rule 34 as third of the "Top 10" Internet rules and laws.A 2013 CNN story said Rule 34 was "likely the most famous" Internet rule that has become part of mainstream culture. On November 14th, 2018, a twitch streamer celebrated turning eighteen by posting a video to Twitter in which he looked up Rule 34 pictures. The popular video and its responses were covered by The Daily Dot. According to researchers Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, "Today, Rule 34 thrives as sacred lore on blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds and social networking sites. It's frequently used as a verb, as in 'I Rule 34'ed Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell on the judging table'." They propose the reason why the maxim resonated with so many people is because it "certainly seems true" for "anybody who has spent time surfing the Web."Cory Doctorow concludes, "Rule 34 can be thought of as a kind of indictment of the Web as a cesspit of freaks, geeks, and weirdos, but seen through the lens of cosmopolitanism," which "bespeaks a certain sophistication—a gourmet approach to life." The original rule was rephrased and reiterated as it went viral on the Web. Some common permutations omit the original "No exceptions." "Rule 34: There is porn of it." "Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it." "Rule 34: If it exists, there is Internet porn of it." "Rule 34: If you can imagine it, it exists as Internet porn."The conundrum of finding an Internet pornographic exception to Rule 34's "No exceptions" led to the Rule 35 corollary. On 12 October 2006, an early "Rules of the Internet" list, posted to the cyberculture wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica, included:
"Rule 34: There is porn of it, no exceptions." "Rule 35: If no porn is found at the moment, it will be made." Another expression of these rules is: "Rule 34: If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions." "Rule 35: The exception to Rule 34 is the citation of Rule 34." Thus, "The rules suggest that if you can think of a pornographic scenario, theme, or style—no matter how esoteric or unlikely it may seem—then such porn will already have been made, and it will be available online. If this is not the case, then it is only a matter of time before such porn is made."
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2020.08.07 23:17 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Season 10 Dynasty: Episode 7- The Snatch Game

Virtual Drag Race Season 10 Dynasty: Episode 7- The Snatch Game
Both Queens put EVERYTHING into the performance. Truffles takes a fun, campy approach that has all the judges laughing with perfect choices for the weird 'quirks' of the song. The 'ooohs', 'aaaaahhhhhhhhhs'.... she has them down. It's another different, but great performance. But Blessia goes for a powerful, strong lip sync... she dances across the stage, moving elegantly and gracefully as she comes off as graceful and empowering, doing pirouette's across the stage.
Blessia... Shantay you stay.
"Thank you, Mr Ru." Blessia smiles.
Blessia Hart: "It's... as it should be."
Truffles goes to hug Blessia, who looks at Truffles and says... "No, Thanks."
Truffles. you're a starlet on the rise, and I cannot WAIT to see where you go. But I have to say, sashay away... for now.
Truffles smiles. "Good luck everybody!!!"
Truffles: "I'm a star... I hoped I could've won the crown... but, not bad for a girl that's being doing drag for less than a year, hey?" Truffles winks.
The Monarch's enter the werkroom...
"A legend is gone..." Angel closes her eyes and prays. "To Truffles, our skinny legend... may you live on in peace."
"I knew she was Truffle when she walked in." Oda Hideko delivers deadpan.
"HAH." Jill starts laughing and falls of her chair... "That's... that's a good one."
"So..." Kong eyes Blessia. "What's up with you and Truffles? I mean, I love the negative energy..." Kong laughs. "What's going on."
"I'll be honest, it's a bit much in my opinion..." Pyrite looks at Blessia.
"Nothing. Truffles deserved to go home. Period." Blessia exhales. "I tried so hard, and the fact she could've gotten away with this.."
Hadassah Hall: "Blessia's just pulled a 360. She's on fire. Like, we need to get a fire brigade to stop the fire."
"Now, I think we might be a bit harsh here.." Hideko looks at Blessia. "There' no need."
"There's no need for any of you to be around me right now. There's no need for Terry to be a liar, Pyrite to be fake, Kong to be a man in pants, YOU to be boring..."
"What did I do?" Terry looks confused.
"I'M NOT A MAN IN PANTS!" Kong screams. "What the fuck, Blessia?"
"I'm pissed off. I'm frustrated, i'm annoyed, and I don't want to be targeted-"
"You just targeted multiple people without any logic." Pyrite looks at Blessia. "It's disappointing."
"You know what, this is nonsense. Because all of ya'll know that you've said things behind each others back. I'm just saying it, and it's valid. I'm not stabbing anyone in the back, because you've already all done it to each other." Blessia shrugs.
Blessia Hart: "It's word vomit. But I can't stop saying it...But they've all made me feel so anxious and uncomfortable I just can't... I don't like being targeted."
The monarch's all look at each other, suddenly... less trustful.
"Just know that... we can't trust anyone but ourselves." Blessia looks around. "I'm going to focus... on me." Blessia walks off.
The next day, Maddness chats with Jill and Pulp
"So, is it incredibly tense right now or is it just me?" Jill looks awkwardly.
"I feel the awkward. People looking at each other like... 'I can't trust you'..." Madness looks awkwardly.
"It's bullshit." Pulp shrugs. "I trust you all..."
"I trust none of you!" Jill winks. "Nah, I love you three."
"I love you all, but what I love more..." Maddness screams. "IS WINNING. OKAY GAY GODS?!"
The normally loud rest of the room... doesn't respond.
You've got Ru-Mail!
Who are you? You're playing the role of...
"SNATCH GAME!" Jill smiles.
Jackin' Jill: "I've been waiting for this..."
Hello Hello Hello!
My Monarch's... for this week's maxi challenge, it's the SNATCH GAME! I want to see your comedic impersonation and improv skills all put together. This is what is important... remember, 4 of our series winners... have won this challenge, including Dixie last season.
Maddness Mistress: "This is my time to shine. I have the perfect comedic skills for this challenge... I know I do."
Whilst they're getting ready for the 'Leopard Print Eleganza' Runway, the room is dead quiet. Angel walks over to Hadassah.
"How do you feel a bit this challenge?" Angel smiles at Hadassah.
"I'm actually really excited. As part of my weekly show, I do.. Simon Cowell." Hadassah grins.
"YOU?! Simon?! But you're so beautiful and..."
"That's the trick." Hadassah winks. "Showing some versatility. What about you?"
"I'm a little bit nervous. I've prepared a killer look to hopefully help me out, and a... prepared snatch game, but the impersonation was never my field. I think because of Saint and Heaven, I can do it. Not amazingly though."
Hadassah nods. "Just never was in to it or..?"
"My parents are Korean Immigrants. They had issues with me being gay, period. But me taking a more 'Alternative' Approach... I could at least make the visual, the artistry clear. They could SEE I'm pretty, I make these looks. They didn't see it with comedy. So I focused on something visual. Now, I'm working my way up. But.. it's still a process."
"Let me give you some tips." Hadassah smiles at Angel. "Weirdness is sometimes expected. Make sure you craft a good response, and references Ru get's. Play off your character- even if it's not something they'd say, MAKE it sound like it. It's all key..."
"Thank you, Hadassah." Angel smiles and hugs. "Oh... can I hug?"
"Of course, babe." Hadassah smiles.
The Monarch's compete in the SNATCH GAME!
  1. Angel St Frostfur as Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods
  2. Auntie Terry Fi as Madeline Kahn as Mrs White (From Clue)
  3. Blessia Hart as Lucille Ball
  4. Dyna Might as Harley Quinn
  5. Hadassah Hall as Simon Cowell
  6. Jackin' Jill as Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter
  7. Maddness Mistress as David Bowie
  8. Oda Hideko as Hayley Kiyoko
  9. Pot O'Pyrite as Santino Rice
  10. Prince Kong as Arnold Schwarzenegger
  11. Pulp as Lindsay Lohan
Who wins?
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2020.07.06 04:16 FroyoFox_125 What do you all think Bea Miller''s next era will sound like?

Shortly after Bea Miller's success on "The X Factor (US)" she was signed to Hollywood Records as well as Syco Music (founded by Simon Cowell).
Bea Miller has released two, full length albums within her career: Not an Apology in July of 2015 & Aurora) in February of 2018
She has since released some pretty good droplets. Specifically, "its not u its me" and "feel something" had very similar cover art and were believed to be the beginning of an era labeled "Sunsets in Outer Space", which Miller went on tour for.
Sadly, a video denouncing that era's progression has been released. Bea Miller essentially confirms on camera that her label was somewhat sabotaging her "Sunsets In Outer Space" era that was supposed to be released last year. In said video, she mentions that a single and an EP are coming in a month or two.
I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this. Do you think these songs will measure up to Aurora? Are you sad the supposed 2019 album is thrown away? Are you excited for new music?
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2020.03.08 05:06 Wulfrvm11 the entire Big Time Rush wikipedia article

Big Time Rush (group)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigation#mw-head)Jump to search#p-search)Big Time Rush📷From left to right; Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena, Jr.Background informationAlso known asBTROriginLos Angeles, California, United StatesGenres
Years active2009–2014LabelsColumbiaPast members
Big Time Rush was an American pop music boy band formed in 2009. The group consisted of Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos Pena Jr. The group starred in Nickelodeon's television series Big Time Rush and signed to a record deal with Nick Records simultaneously with the television series, and then the group was eventually signed to Columbia Records. The show ran from November 28, 2009 to July 25, 2013. The pilot episode featured the group's first promotional single, "Big Time Rush". They released three studio albums, which all achieved success. The band ceased performing in 2014.



2009–2010: Formation and BTR

Nickelodeon) signed Big Time Rush to a record deal in 2009 simultaneously with the television series, Big Time Rush. Then, Nickelodeon partnered with Columbia/Epic Label Group to produce the show and include the original music to the show. For the series, their debut single, "Big Time Rush)", was released on November 29, 2009.[1]#citenote-1) Officially announced by Nickelodeon, the series was first broadcast in the U.S. in November 2009, until it was eventually released worldwide. It debuted during a one-hour special preview of the series and it is currently the show's opening theme. The series also saw the releases of other singles including "City is Ours" and "Any Kind of Guy". Big Time Rush also covered a Play) song titled "Famous)". The song was released on iTunes on June 29, 2010. Another song, "Halfway There", was released to iTunes on April 27, 2010, after its premiere on the series.[[2]]([[3]]( The single soon became their first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 93 due to digital sales.[[4]](
📷📷Maslow (left) and Pena (right).
On September 21, 2010, Big Time Rush released a promotional single, "Till I Forget About You", to promote the release of their debut album.[5]#citenote-5) The album, titled BTR), was released on October 11, 2010. The album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200, selling 67,000 copies in its first week of release. The album also peaked at number 4 on the Internet Albums chart and number one on the Soundtracks chart. Its track "Big Night" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 79, making it their highest peaking song. The album was later certified Gold for sales of over 500,000 copies in the U.S.[[6]]( In November 2010, it was announced that a Christmas special of Big Time Rush would debut later that month, and that a Christmas EP would be released to coincide with the episode. On November 30, 2010, they released the Holiday EP Holiday Bundle, with two songs: "Beautiful Christmas" and the cover of "All I Want for Christmas is You)", originally performed by Mariah Carey.
On February 15, 2011, "Boyfriend" was released as the band's first official single to mainstream U.S. radio. "Boyfriend" peaked at number seventy-two on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming their most successful song to date. It even peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart in March 2011 and also charted very well in multiple international countries. A remix of "Boyfriend" which featured New Boyz was leaked onto the internet. Big Time Rush was nominated for MTV's Breakthrough Band award honor in 2011 as well.[7]#cite_note-7) Big Time Rush has made several appearances at KCA (Kid's Choice Awards.) Their single "Boyfriend" was nominated for a Premios Oye! award in Mexico (similar to the Grammy Award in the United States) for Best International English Song of the Year. They lost to Rihanna's single "Diamonds".

2011–2012: Elevate and film

📷Big Time Rush performs at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO on February 2, 2012
The group announced they would be recording their second studio album, just after Nickelodeon renewed the series for a third season.[8]#citenote-8) On July 22, 2011, the group released a promotional single, "If I Ruled the World" featuring Iyaz, in anticipation of their second album, Elevate). Elevate was released on November 21, 2011 and debuted at number 12 on the Billboard 200, selling over 70,000 copies in its first week. Though the album had a lower peak position than their previous debut, Elevate sold far more copies its first week respectively than the previous album did.[[9]]( The first single, "Music Sounds Better with U", written by the band and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, was released on November 1, 2011. The song peaked at number twenty-six on the U.S. Pop Songs. The second single, "Elevate", was released on April 21, 2012. The third and last single, "Windows Down", was released on June 25, 2012 and peaked at number ninety-seven on the Billboard Hot 100.[[10]](
To promote the release of their second album, the group had their first headlining tour, the Better With U Tour, which took place over sixteen dates in February and March 2012. JoJo) opened for Big Time Rush for the first five dates, while One Direction opened for ten of the sixteen dates.[11]#citenote-11) In late February, Big Time Rush announced a national summer tour starting July 5 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH.[[12]]([[13]](
The group announced they would be starring in their full-length 2012 film, Big Time Movie. The movie features them traveling to London, England. In Big Time Movie, the four members of the group Big Time Rush head to London for their first big world tour but instead get mixed up in a mission to save the world. The film was released on March 10, 2012, in the U.S. to theaters, while a Germany release was on September 22, 2012. Due to the promotion, the group recorded cover of the Beatles songs and released an EP, Big Time Movie Soundtrack EP.[14]#citenote-14) The film received mixed to positive reviews from most contemporary film critics, many comparing them to The Monkees and praising their fun, carefree image.[[15]]( The film was a ratings success, having over thirteen million views during its premiere weekend.[[16]](

2013–2014: 24/Seven

📷📷Schmidt (left) and Henderson (right).
In 2013 Nickelodeon renewed the Big Time Rush series for a 13-episode fourth season, production started on January 7. The band also released a song titled "Like Nobody's Around" which according to the premiere episode "Big Time Invasion" was outlining the history of professional, successful, and all-American boy bands; the Platters, the Temptations, the Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC, in response to the British invasion of rival act, and hugely successful One Direction. On April 15, in an interview on Cambio, Big Time Rush announced that their third studio album, 24/Seven) would be released sometime in early June 2013 and that the fourth season of Big Time Rush was set to premiere on May 2, 2013. On April 18, Big Time Rush revealed that 24/Seven would be released on either June 4 or 11, 2013. On April 20, nine tracks from the album (plus "Song for You" without the Karmin vocals and "Get Up" with only Schmidt's vocals) were leaked. On June 4, EW released the full 10-song Standard version of 24/Seven online.[17]#cite_note-17) The Deluxe version of 24/Seven also leaked on YouTube along with a different version of the track "Love Me Again".
24/Seven was released on June 11, 2013, the album cover and track list were revealed on April 29, 2013. 24/Seven was less commercially successful than Elevate. It included singles such as the up-tempo title track "24/Seven" and the rock ballad "We Are". Big Time Rush were still nominated for World's Best Group, Best Album and Best Live Act for the ceremony in Monte Carlo, Monaco at the Salle des Etoiles Venue for the 22nd annual World Music Awards for their continuing global success with the band and their 24/Seven release. It was later confirmed that same night after the awards show that Big Time Rush had won the World's Best Live Act trophy, making them the very first and only Nickelodeon act and/or artist in history to win a World Music Award trophy.[18]#cite_note-auto-18)
In 2013, after the end of the run of the Big Time Rush television series, the group members continued touring until March 2014 and later put the band on an indefinite hiatus, and went on to pursue solo careers. Schmidt stated at that time that they would like to come back together again as a band if they have an opportunity.[19]#citenote-19) Kendall Schmidt later reformed the band Heffron Drive with Dustin Belt In May 2013.[[20]](


Musical style and themes

Because the group is associated with the TV series and children's network Nickelodeon, they have been presented as a "child-friendly" group, but have musical differences. In a review of their first studio album, BTR), Jessica Dawson from Common Sense Media wrote: "Big Time Rush is a standout, not only because of their boyish charm and good looks, but because their music is a cool blend of synth-pop, hip-hop, and boy-band harmonies."[21]#citenote-21) The sound of the band is described as "pop-inspired dance-rock".[[22]](

Public image

📷Elevate platinum record after the album sold more than 2 million units worldwide
The group has been compared to other boy bands of the time such as One Direction and the Wanted.[23]#citenote-washington-23) Michael O'Connell from The Hollywood Reporter said "One Direction is but one group in this resilient and timeless fad. They follow the recent success of fellow Brits [the Wanted] and Nickelodeon's cross-market creation [Big Time Rush]. One [One Direction] is fluke. Two [the Wanted] is a coincidence. And three [Big Time Rush] is a trend that you want to father your unborn children.'[[24]]( Melinda Newman from The Washington Post stated "In the grand tradition of boy bands, these acts share certain traits with their similarly manufactured pop ancestors: Members of the Wanted and Big Time Rush auditioned for their parts at a casting call. The members of One Direction were put together by Simon Cowell after trying out individually for the British edition of “The X Factor.”"[[23]]( However, she positively compared them to the Monkees by saying "Big Time Rush is similar to the Monkees with its own TV series as a launchpad, and the group appeals to kids, tweens, teens, and adults. They are also credited as the pop group that have once again restored creditably, relevance, and for relaunching boy bands back into the public eye once again."[[23]](
In Parade Magazine's 2012 poll, Big Time Rush was voted the "Best Boy Band in the World", topping both One Direction and the Wanted. Over 800,000 votes were cast. The band was featured on the cover of the August 5, 2012 issue of Parade which was a national top seller. An interview and photo set highlighting the group's win that coincided with the honor was featured in the same issue.[25][[26]]([[27]]( The magazine's website also featured the group amongst its list of "Greatest Boy Bands of All-Time", along with NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Big Time Rush have been honored and recognized multiple times by major media outlets throughout their time as a group. Due to their extreme worldwide popularity and success (along with being heavily credited as one of the bands that helped bring back the boy band wave) the Washington Times Magazine ranked Big Time Rush Number 15 of their Top 20 Best Boy Bands of the decade in 2012. And number 28 on the POP! Goes The Charts website list of the Top 40 Best Boy Bands of the past 25 years in 2013.[[28]]( To Toronto Sun, Pena talked about the group's impact on both music and television: "I think the music could stand alone, but I don't know if it would be as powerful. The show has definitely been our main audience. We have four million kids watching. So when you put a song out, four million kids hear it. When you put a song on the radio, you're not going to have four million people listening. It's a blessing and a curse being on Nickelodeon – it's gotten us where we are now, though some people are standoffish to us because of that. But we have to be grateful that Nickelodeon gave us this opportunity. Abandoning the show would not be the best idea".[[29]](



Main article: Big Time Rush discography


Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryRecipient(s)ResultRef.2010Australian Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International BandBig Time RushNominated[30]#citenote-kcaaus10-30)2011Australian Kids' Choice AwardsHottest Guy HottiesThemselvesNominated[[31]]( Bravo Otto AwardsSuper Pop Artist/Group of the YearBig Time RushWon[[32]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavourite BandBig Time RushNominated[[33]]([[34]](' Choice AwardsFavorite Music GroupBig Time RushNominated[[33]]([[34]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite Song"Boyfriend"Won[[35]]( Europe Music AwardsBest New Global Push ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[36]]( Rocks AwardsRockin' Group of the YearBig Time RushNominated[[37]]([[38]]( BuzzWorthy AwardsFavorite Breakthrough Band or Artist of the YearBig Time RushNominated[[39]]( AwardsBest Band in Social MediaBig Time RushNominated[[40]]( Music Artist in Social MediaBig Time RushNominated[[40]]( Celebrity in Social MediaThemselvesNominated[[40]](' Choice AwardsFavorite Music GroupBig Time RushWon[[41]]( Prêmios NickFavorite International Music ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[42]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International Artist or GroupBig Time RushWon[[43]]( Bravo Otto AwardsSuper Pop Artist/Group of the YearBig Time RushWon[[32]]( Internet StarThemselvesNominated[[32]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[44]]([[45]]( Premios TelehitBest International Pop GroupBig Time RushNominated[[46]]( Popular ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[46]]( AwardsBest Band in Social MediaBig Time RushNominated[[47]](' Choice AwardsFavorite Music GroupBig Time RushNominated[[48]]( ArmyRushersWon[[48]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite International Artist or GroupBig Time RushWon[[49]]( TV Awards)Best New ArtistBig Time RushNominated[[50]]( Oye!Best International English Single of the Year"Boyfriend"Nominated[[51]]( Premios TelehitBoy Band of the YearBig Time RushNominated[[52]]( Choice AwardsChoice Music GroupBig Time RushNominated[[53]]( Bravo Otto AwardsBest Global Pop Band or GroupBig Time RushNominated[[54]]([[55]]( Internet StarThemselvesNominated[[54]]([[55]]( Music AwardsWorld's Best Selling GroupBig Time RushNominated[[56]]('s Best Selling Album24/SevenNominated[[57]]('s Best Pop ActBig Time RushNominated[[58]]('s Best Selling American GroupBig Time RushNominated[[56]]('s Best Live ActBig Time RushWon[[18]]( Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite Artist or Group InternationalBig Time RushWon[[59]](
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2020.02.08 07:43 NitroGnome 🇲🇹 X Factor Malta Final [Live Thread]

X Factor Malta Final

Livestream from TVM starting at 20:50 CET

Destiny Chukunyere
Justine Shorfid
Kyle Cutajar
Watch all of their performances on YouTube

About X Factor Malta (via Wikipedia)

X Factor Malta is the Maltese version of the British television music competition The X Factor, created by Simon Cowell. The season premiered on 7 October 2018 and is broadcast on Television Malta. The show was used as the platform for the selection of Malta's entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, and the winner will also secure a record contract with Sony Music Italy. The winner of the 2020 season will again go to represent Malta at Eurovision.
On 2 July 2018, it was announced that Ben Camille was selected to host the show.
The full judges' panel was revealed on the 31 July 2018, and was composed of music producer Howard Keith Debono, The Rifffs' frontman Ray Mercieca, Maltese singer and songwriter Alexandra Alden, and singestar Ira Losco. The senior producers are Gordon Bonello and Olwyn Jo Saliba.
As always, feel free to join us on Discord!
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2019.12.01 21:25 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: November 25th - December 1st

Previous thread: November 18th - November 24th

Here's everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have suggestions on how to make this compilation more readable, categorised better, etc. please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up can be found in the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.


191130 BTS @ 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMA)

News & Information

191124 BTS won 'favorite Duo or Group - Pop/Rock' at the 2019 AMAs
191124 BTS Won ‘Tour Of The Year’ at the 2019 AMAs
191124 BTS Won “Top Social Artist” at 2019 AMAs!
191130 BTS Becomes The First Artist in history to take home all Daesang Awards in a Korean year end award show
Merchandise news
191127 BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ Sao Paulo DVD Information
191127 New House of BTS merch preview
191128 BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS merch (DNA, Mic Drop) Available for Pre-Order on Weply

Official Media

Type Date Title Thread
Bon Voyage 191128 BON VOYAGE Season 4 Ep. 2: Youth through the Eyes of BTS Thread
Bon Voyage 191129 Ep.2 Story Untold - BON VOYAGE Season 4 Thread
Bomb 191127 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jin, Recording his first ever composition Thread
Bomb 191129 [BANGTAN BOMB] Behind the scenes, recording Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix ver.) Thread
Performance 191201 BTS (방탄소년단) Intro: Persona + 상남자(Boy In Luv) + 작은 것들을 위한 시(Boy With Luv) + 소우주 + Dionysus @ 2019 MMA Thread
Photos 191127 BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4 Preview Thread

Official SNS

Date Title Thread
191127 Magic Shop in Chiba Instagram story
191130 BTS on Weibo Thread
191130 BTS at MMA Thread
191130 Seokjin Thread
191130 Suga Thread
191201 Bangtan at the 2019 MelOn Music Awards Thread
191201 Jimin Thread
191201 Namjoon Thread
191201 Taehyung Thread


191125 BTS: Big Travel Sale di Tokopedia!
191127 BTS Official TVCF Teaser for Lemona
191128 Hyundai Instagram: Drive with BTS Scene #1


Date Title Thread
191124 Korea’s Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha talked about Jhope’s ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ at “2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit” in Busan in Korea Thread
191125 Pakistani clothing brand accused of plagiarising BTS album cover design. Local ARMY's protest leads to removal of item. Thread
191125 Rolling Stone: The 50 Most Important Music Moments of the Decade Thread
191125 New York Times: 33 Ways to Remember the 2010s Thread
191126 BTS is featured 3 times on Billboard’s ‘The 100 Greatest K-Pop Songs of the 2010s: Staff List’ - 7) Blood Sweat & Tears, 37) Spring Day, and 80) I Need U Thread
191125 Billboard: Bang Si-Hyuk Explains What Makes BTS 'The Beatles of the YouTube Generation' at Korean Culture Summit Thread
191126 UPROXX - Ask A Music Critic: Who Has The Best Shot At Being The Defining Artist Of The 2020s? Thread
191127 BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears is No.69 on Billboard’s ‘The 100 Greatest Music Videos of the 2010s: Staff Picks’ Thread
191127 NME: ‘Map Of The Soul: Shadow’ mentioned in article of albums to look forward to in 2020 Thread
191127 Seventeen: 12 Best Boy Bands of All Time (BTS at number 1) Thread
191126 Forbes: BTS Fans Are Mad The Band Didn’t Receive A Grammy Nomination—And They May Have A Point Thread
191127 CNN: BTS mentioned in article about K-Pop: No, Simon Cowell, it's not 'time for UK-Pop' Thread
191127 Billboard: The Decade in Social Charts: Justin Bieber, BTS, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and More Thread
191128 The Korea Times: 15,000 imitations of BTS character goods seized in Incheon this year Thread
191129 Paper Magazine: BTS Fans Urge Big Hit to Subtitle Their New DVD Thread
190429 Quartzy: The 2010s Will Be Remembered As The Decade of Avocado Toast and BTS Thread
191130 Soompi: BTS Sweeps All 4 Daesangs At Melon Music Awards 2019, Total Of 8 Awards Thread
191130 Cheatsheet: BTS's MMA Performance Reveals What Western Award Shows Lack Thread

Other media

NOTE: Entries with asterisk* have direct BTS content
Type Date Title Thread
Cover 191128 TOO / TO BE WORLD KLASS - IDOL (Performance Video) Thread
Cover 191129 Chicken Noodle Soup in Gwangju Thread
Cover 191130 Eric Nam's LIVE COVER, BTS 'Euphoria' / ELLE KOREA Thread
SNS 191201 Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons, finds himself an early Christmas present at Barnes & Noble Thread
Video 191125 Lilly Singh talks about BTS's Paper Mag cover in her monologue Thread
Video 191125 ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit 2019 (Bang Si-hyuk's keynote starts @ 1:21:50 ) Thread
Video 191124 Actress Lee Young-ae talks about going to BTS's concert Thread
Video* 191125 NewsenTV: BTS come back to Korea after the Magic Shop fanmeetings in Chiba Thread
Video 191125 Kim Min-ji, the wife of former Manchester United footballer Park Ji-sung, is a BTS fan. Thread
Video 191127 BTS Top Mnet 'TMI News' List Of Most Legendary 'MAMA' Performances Thread
Video* 191128 Dispatch: 7LOVES in LAS VEGAS ②” Thread
Video* 191201 'BTS Touch' Promo for SBS Gayo Daejeon Thread
Other 191129 beNX is hiring a professional translator for global fan content


Type Date Thread
Awards 191130 BTS won Best International Album (Map Of The Soul: Persona) and Best Fandom at the Actuality Awards 2019
Charts/Sales 191126 BTS And Halsey's "Boy With Luv" re-enters this week's World Digital Song Sales Chart
Charts/Sales 191128 J-Hope is the only Korean soloist to reach #1 on both the World Albums and World Digital Song Sales charts
Charts/Sales 191129 BTS's Map of the Soul: Persona is the ONLY 2019 album that has surpassed 2 BILLION Gaon Digital Index
Charts/Sales 191201 j-hope's "Airplane" has now sold over 100,000 units in the US
Charts/Sales 191201 BTS's "Mikrokosmos" has now sold over 200,000 units in the US
Streaming 191126 'Map of the Soul: Persona' has now surpassed 700M streams on Spotify
Streaming 191126 'Face Yourself' has surpassed 200 MILLION streams. It's BTS most streamed Japanese album on Spotify
Streaming 191128 J-Hope has surpassed 200 MILLION total streams on Spotify
Streaming 191128 'HOME' has surpassed 70 MILLION streams. It's the 4th track from 'Map Of The Soul: Persona' to do so.
Other 191125 BTS Is The Only Artist With 4 MVs In The Top 30 Most Liked Videos On YouTube
Other 191126 BTS is now the Most followed Asian Act on global Deezer
Other 191127 BTS is now the most played K-pop act on U.S. radio, surpassing PSY


191127 Really KOYA? Friend, not food❗️ ​ Stay tuned for stories from KOYA's forest and its inhabitants! Thread
191127 BT21 UNIVERSE ANIMATION EP05 - Koya Thread
191128 The start of something new. ☀️ Thread
191128 And now, we feast. 🍴 Thread
191129 BT21 x TikTok Coming soon! (2019.11.30) Thread
191129 These videos are epic, no cap. Thread
191130 TikTok: Check out the new BT21 effects Thread


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  1. [+254] K-Army, how would you describe the boys's way of speaking and what does it say about them?
  2. [+142] If Japan is to Seokjin what LA is to Hoseok, what other connections do the members have to other locations?
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feetytwe Rm <3
yaxgami My drawing of V from BTS...💜(not really good but idk what to share so...)
madgninja I made custom photocards!
China_guurl I made a BTS themed eye-shadow palette for my friend for Christmas!
HatlessSheep Christmas RJ Tree
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2019.11.09 16:39 alleybetwixt This Week In KPOP - November 9, 2019

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on /kpop.

November 2 - November 8, 2019


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+4407) CL Confirmed To Leave YG Entertainment 298 comments
2 (+4338) CL reportedly leaves YG Entertainment 380 comments
3 (+2254) YG Entertainment has deleted CL's official YouTube and Facebook page 256 comments
4 (+2199) IU has Once Again Paid Tribute to Sulli by Changing the Lyrics of 'Red Queen' at a Recent Concert 26 comments
5 (+2188) Cherry Bullet members, Kokoro and LinLin, have been missing from promotions for four months without a statement. Kokoro's birthday not acknowledged by FNC 116 comments
6 (+2150) BTS Jungkook was recently involved in a car accident and is currently being investigated by police for violating traffic laws 306 comments
7 (+1984) HyunA Lovingly Talks About Her Relationship With DAWN (Hyojong) + Reveals Who Confessed Their Feelings First 76 comments
8 (+1861) Happy 14th Anniversary to Super Junior! 67 comments
9 (+1573) Big Bang's Taeyang and Daesung to be discharged from the military next week 133 comments
10 (+1547) Reports reveal that PDs determined the top 20 trainees for 'Produce X 101' and 'Produce 48' before public voting even started 406 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+714) [Live] Comeback Stage: HyunA - Flower Shower @ Mnet M Countdown (191107) 30 comments
2 (+465) [Live] DAWN - MONEY Solo Debut Stage @M COUNTDOWN (191107) 20 comments
3 (+435) [Live] Special Stage: (G)I-DLE - LION @ Mnet M Countdown (191107) 29 comments
4 (+379) [Live] NCT 127 - Highway to Heaven (English ver.) @ MTV EMA 2019 32 comments
5 (+332) [Live] HINAPIA - DRIP @ Debut New Start Showcase (191104) 8 comments
6 (+317) [Live] Comeback Stage: GOT7 - You Calling My Name @ Mnet M Countdown (191107) 30 comments
7 (+306) [Dance Practice] Hyuna - Flower Shower (Dance Practice) 11 comments
8 (+266) [Live] Comeback Stage: MONSTA X - Find you @ MBC Show! Music Core (191102) 30 comments
9 (+246) [Live] HyunA - Flower Shower @ Comeback Media Showcase (191105) 3 comments
10 (+227) [Dance Practice] DAWN (?) - MONEY (Dance Practice) 6 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+224) Simon Cowell wants to Create British Version of Kpop (UK-pop) and BTS 155 comments
2 (+160) If you could "freeze" your favorite group(s) in a certain era, what era would you choose? 172 comments
3 (+138) Videos/moments that always make you emotional no matter how many times you watch it? 67 comments
4 (+74) What do you want your favorite group to achieve in 2020? 165 comments
5 (+73) Looking at your favorite artists discography, what do you think is their best mini/full album and which is their worst? 123 comments


Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20191102 Music Core Thread --NU'EST---
20191103 Inkigayo Thread --NU'EST--
20191105 The Show Thread MONSTA X
20191106 Show Champion No Broadcast. No Winner.
20191107 M!Countdown Thread MONSTA X
20191108 Music Bank Thread -Taeyeon--


# Thread Date Posted
1 Produce x 101, Produce 48, Idol School and More Mnet Vote Manipulation Megathread 191006
2 Mess Net: Ahn Joon Young arrested and admits to vote rigging, travel bans and warrants for other employees, future contracts unclear for X1, appearances stifled for IZ*ONE 191108
# Thread Date Posted
31.5 Burning Molka 31.5: YHS and Seungri gambling investigation, Daesung Building Scandal, Lee Long Hyun leave CNBLUE, continued trials, B.I investigation, and even more 190915
32 Burning Molka 32: Police book 45 people related to Daesung's building, various police dismissals and reprimands, Jeong Jinwoon addresses rumors, arrested ink maker CEO is link between Yuri Holdings and Yoon 191008


Day Artist Album Title Type Music Video Streaming
2nd Jeongmin (ex-Boyfriend) Why? single album Why? Spotify / Apple Music
3rd HINAPIA New Start debut single album Drip Spotify / Apple Music
Nam Woohyun (INFINITE) When Fall Comes digital single When Fall Comes Spotify / Apple Music
4th EXO BIRD Japanese single BIRD Spotify / Apple Music
Song Gain 佳人 full-length album 엄마 아리랑 Spotify / Apple Music
B.I.G ILLUSION single album ILLUSION Spotify / Apple Music
GOT7 Call My Name mini album You Calling My Name Spotify / Apple Music
Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION) S.O.L debut single album I Like That Spotify / Apple Music
VICTON nostalgia mini album nostalgic night Spotify / Apple Music
5th BVNDIT BE! mini album Dumb Spotify / Apple Music
DAWN MONEY debut digital single MONEY Spotify / Apple Music
HyunA FLOWER SHOWER digital single Flower Shower Spotify / Apple Music
WayV Love Talk (English Version) digital single Love Talk Spotify / Apple Music
6th Favorite Catch Me Japanese debut single album Catch Me Spotify
Jun (U-KISS) My Way Japanese music card My Way (feat. Reddy) (prod. Sway D) Spotify
The Boyz Tattoo Japanese debut mini album Tattoo
1TEAM ONE mini album Make This Spotify
DONGKIZ DONGKYTOWN mini album Fever Spotify
Kim Dongjun (ZE:A) Alone mini album Alone Spotify
MeloMance Festival digital single Festival Spotify
Zion.T May digital single May Spotify
7th ELO X Penomeco ODD mini album LOVE? (feat. GRAY) Spotify
Minyoung (Brave Girls) X Chakun Tears 2019 digital single Tears 2019 Spotify
NOEL Late Night digital single Late Night
Rainbow Over the Rainbow 10th anniversary single I Dream of You Spotify
8th Nari (ex-Wa$$up) favorita digital single favorita
Paper Planet HEAVEN debut mini album HEAVEN (feat. Sojung of Ladies' Code)
BTS Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [Acoustic Remix] digital single Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [Acoustic Remix] Spotify
Primary 3-PAKTORY01 digital single woozoo (feat. Sumin, QimIsle)
Ravi (VIXX) LIMITLESS PART.1 half album LIMITLESS (feat. Sik-K, Xydo)
Stella Jang Miracle digital single Miracle (feat. Paul Kim)
ZICO THINKING Part.2 half album Being left (feat. Dvwn)
The full chart of all releases including OSTs and indie artists can be found here or in the sidebar. The chart is updated regularly and a new one is published every month.

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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2019.09.12 21:12 WilliamGoodwin33 Former X-Factor Contestant and Disney 'Best Friends Whenever' Actor files Lawsuit Against Ex-Manager for Sexual Assault

Since he was 12, Ricky Garcia was sexually assaulted by his then manager, Joby Hart. You may know Ricky Garcia from The Disney Channel (, The X-Factor, and from Simon Cowell-formed band Forever In Your Mind. Even if you're not familiar with his name, his story is important:
In a lawsuit that was filed today, Garcia alleges Hart would show him sexually graphic material and give him alcohol. Among other terrible acts, Garcia also claims that he was passed around the industry and used.
..And in fear for his career which was just kicking off, he kept silent. It is a shame that so many young men and women in the entertainment industry are used and exploited in so many ways at such a critical age.
submitted by WilliamGoodwin33 to television [link] [comments]

2019.09.12 20:48 WilliamGoodwin33 Another Child Actor Exposes Ex Manager of Sexual Assault.

This poor kid. He's 20 now, and since he was 12, Ricky Garcia was sexually assaulted by his then manager, Joby Hart. You may know Ricky Garcia from The Disney Channel or from Simon Cowell formed band Forever In Your Mind. Even if you're not familiar with his name, his story is important:
In a lawsuit that was filed today, Garcia alleges Hart would show him porn and give him alcohol. Among other terrible acts, Garcia also claims that he was passed around the industry and used.
..And in fear for his career which was just kicking off, he kept silent. It is a shame that so many young men and women in the entertainment industry are used and exploited in so many ways at such a critical age. And usually the managers/producers and others that are behind the scenes are the culprits. How does one even begin to 'clean house' of all the depravity in the back rooms taking place in the industry?
submitted by WilliamGoodwin33 to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2019.07.22 08:48 ishaeb93 Simon Cowell Lifestyle, Wiki, Net Worth, Income, Salary, House, Cars, Favorites, Affairs, Awards, Family, Facts

Simon Cowell Lifestyle, Wiki, Net Worth, Income, Salary, House, Cars, Favorites, Affairs, Awards, Family, Facts submitted by ishaeb93 to CelebrityWood [link] [comments]

2019.05.02 17:36 Achnagaunt Anxious

Little Mix are a British girl group formed in 2011 during the eighth series) of the UK version of The X Factor). They were the first group to win the competition, and following their victory, they signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Music and released a cover of Damien Rice's "Cannonball)" as their winner's single. The members are Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson.
submitted by Achnagaunt to u/Achnagaunt [link] [comments]

2019.02.02 06:34 KingOmega9 Fifteen Million Merits

Have you guys ever watched this episode from Black Mirror? This episode still disturbs me and yet changed me because of how well it portrays our world.
Incase you didn't know what it's about

"Fifteen Million Merits" is the second and penultimate episode of the first series of British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror. It was written by series creator and showrunner Charlie Brooker and his wife Konnie Huq (credited as Kanak Huq) and directed by Euros Lyn, and first aired on Channel 4on 11 December 2011.
In a world where most of society must cycle on exercise bikes in order to power their surroundings and earn currency called "Merits", the episode tells the story of Bing (Daniel Kaluuya), who meets Abi (Jessica Brown Findlay) and convinces her to participate in a talent game show to escape the slave-like world around them. The episode is a science-fiction dystopia which features a parallel to reality shows and figures such as The X Factor and Simon Cowell.
The episode received positive reviews. Some reviewers praised the episode's visual style and thought-provoking nature, along with the actor's performances, and believe it to be superior to previous episode "The National Anthem)"; other commentators criticised the episode for being unoriginal"

Straight from wiki.
It's just a sad thing ain't it.
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2018.08.30 06:12 letsgomarauders AGT : The Champions - coming January 1, 2019.

ABOUT THIS SHOW -> Summer's hottest show, "America's Got Talent," is now ready to warm up winter! This new spin-off features the most incredible and memorable acts from previous seasons ready to wow America all over again. In "America's Got Talent: The Champions," these top former contestants will return to the stage and compete in the hopes of taking home the first-ever winter title of AGT Champion. But that's not all - favorites from other global "Got Talent" franchises, spanning 184 countries, will also join the fray, showing off their skills for a whole new audience. With Executive Producer Simon Cowell leading the charge, it's the ultimate display of talent, edge-of-your-seat moments and extraordinary performances of every kind.

Simon Cowell has been confirmed as a judge. On July 27, 2018, it was confirmed that Mel B would be a judge on the spin-off show. The other judges and host are to be announced at a later date
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2018.06.11 05:15 Copypastefreak Cognitive function descriptions

**Extraverted Sensing (Se) Explained

By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Extraverted Sensing (Se) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
People whose dominant function is Extraverted Sensing usually experience the world as:
You prefer to live in the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or day dreaming about the future. "Be Here Now" comes naturally to you. You are almost always tuned into the present moment, and you wonder why other people seem so spaced out.
Keep in mind that you are used to this and you probably take it for granted. You probably think everyone sees the world they way you do. But they don't. Only people whose dominant or auxiliary function is Se will see the world as you do.
You experience what your 5 senses tell you directly, accurately, and in real time. You notice sounds, sights and smells before other people do.
You probably move gracefully and with ease. You might even have quick reflexes.
Driving or piloting vehicles probably comes naturally to you. When you drive a car you probably notice all the details of driving. The bumps in the road, the sound of the engine, and odd sounds coming from the car.
When you drive you really tune into it. You wonder why some drivers seem to be day dreaming while driving, it seems their minds are somewhere else. You are not like that.
You most likely have a better sense of direction than most people you know. It's like you have a GPS in your head.
You might also be physically adept in some way. Good at dancing, martial arts or physical sports.
You probably have a tremendous amount of physical energy. People may have even commented on how much energy you have.
Click here to find the perfect career You might even feel jittery and jumpy if you have to sit still for too long - like at a desk or on an airplane. You probably like to be on the go all day, but the minute the physical activity slows down you get bored and fall asleep. You are definately the type of person who goes, goes, goes, and then shuts down fast.
You like to be engaged with the physical world around you.
People with Se as their dominant cognitive function know what is going on around them at all times. They can sense any change in physical movement in the room.
Imagine a police detective or a soldier having to enter a dark room where there might be enemies or armed criminals. You've seen this on TV. They have to be totally focused on moving safely through the room. They are listening for the slightest sounds. They are looking for the slightest signs of movement. That is extraverted sensing at it's best.
If Se is your dominant function, please realize that not everyone is going to be like you. In fact there are certain personality types that are just going to make you crazy. But that's another subject.
A good example of people who have extraverted sensing as either their dominant or auxiliary function would be martial arts experts like Bruce Lee and actor Tom Cruise.
To be so good at martial arts like Bruce Lee, you must be totally focused in the present. Your reflexes must be lightning quick. And you need to know what is going on around you, in the room, at all times. If you are in a fight with another martial artist, and you take a second to day dream, or to think about the past, or the future, you are going to get hurt.
For Tom Cruise it's driving those high speed motorcycles. He does it in his spare time and he even does his own stunts.
Personality Types where Se is dominant are: ESFP and ESTP.
Personality Types where Se is auxiliary are: ISFP and ISTP.
Angelina Jolie (ESTP) Actress Madonna (ESTP) Singer, Entertainer Taylor Swift (ESTP) Singer-songwriter Bill Clinton (ESFP) U.S. President (D) Hugh Hefner (ESFP) Founder of Playboy Magazine Lady Gaga (ESFP) Singer-songwriter Introverted Intuiting (Ni) Explained By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Introverted Intuiting (Ni) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
Introverted Intuiting is 1 or 4 ways for you to perceive information. The other 3 are: Extraverted Intuiting, Extraverted Sensing, and Introverted Sensing.
You will only be good at using 1 of these 4 cognitive functions.
People whose dominant function is Introverted Intuiting (Ni) usually experience the world as such:
You are used to having insights and hunches that frequently turn out to be correct. These "aha" moments are introverted intuiting at work.
What happens is this. You feed your mind with information and data. You let your unconscious mind process the data. Then, perhaps when you are in the shower, or jogging, the answer just pops into your mind.
It's not magical nor mystical. It's simply that, of the 4 ways to get information (the 4 perceiving functions), Ni is the only one that easily taps into the unconscious. In fact, Ni is the only perceiving function that is not under conscious control.
So unlike someone whose dominant function is say Extraverted Sensing (Se) where they get their information directly from their five senses, a person with dominant Introverted Intuition gets much of their information after it has been processed in the unconscious.
Job Satisfaction - One Secret To Achieving It Introverted Intuition is focused inwards, on the internal world of thoughts, ideas, and concepts as opposed to an extraverted function which is focused on the world that is external to the mind. i.e. the real physical world.
Those with Ni as their dominant function prefer to focus on the future. They are adept at analyzing the past, but they only do so when looking for clues to the future.
Dominant Ni's have trouble focusing in the present moment. You will frequently notice that dominant Ni's will be mentally elsewhere, even when they are driving a car.
Dominant Ni's are big picture people. Details are their weakness. They can handle details like bookkeeping and accounting but it takes a lot of extra energy and it's stressful.
They are driven to see the big picture and to understand how thing work down at a fundamental, root cause level. They love theories, concepts, and complex systems. They tend to be strategic.
Those with Ni as their dominant function are good at spotting trends and patterns. They can easily connect the dots. Tell them what actions you have been taking and they will tell you what the future implications are for you. This is not hocus pocus magic. Their brains are simply wired to process data this way. They are experts at connecting the dots and telling you what will probably happen.
In the past, people with introverted intuiting have been known to act as oracles, fortune tellers, shamans and medicine men. In fact many people with dominant Ni will tell you that while growing up they did have mystical experiences.
When Ni is combined with a feeling function such as Fe, as is the case with INFJ, or ENFJ the individual will probably be good at understanding people, relationships, human issues and such.
When Ni is combined with extraverted thinking (Te), as in the case of INTJ or ENTJ, the insights, hunches etc will probably be focused more on complex systems, concepts, things, products rather than people and human issues.
If Ni is your dominant function, please realize that not everyone is going to be like you. But you have probably already noticed this. In fact there are certain personality types that are just going to make you crazy. But that's another subject.
Leaders and CEO types should always have a dominant intuitive around to keep an eye on the future and to help prevent serious missteps because they dominant Ni's can foresee the implications of your actions.
A good example of people or movie characters who have Introverted Intuition as their dominant function would be the fictional Merlin the Magician in King Arthur's Court and Gandalf the Wizard in Lord of the Rings.
These characters seem to understand how nature works at a fundamental level. Their deep understanding baffles others who are not able to "perceive" the world at that level. Extraverted Intuiting (Ne) Explained By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Extraverted Intuiting (Ne) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
There are 4 functions in your mind devoted to taking in information. These are called the perceiving functions. Extraverted Intuiting is one of these.
People with dominant Extroverted Intuition (Ne) have an infinite number of ideas and suggestions on how to make the future better.
They can see several possible futures.
When you want to do brainstorming, you need someone with a dominant Ne function. Their minds will shoot out new ideas faster than most people can absorb them. It's like a rapid fire machine gun but instead of bullets its new ideas for the future.
Those with dominant Ne are big picture people. They don't enjoy the details, but will handle them when necessary.
Dominant Ne's can see trends and patterns. They are especially good as seeing how things, events and people are connected. They can see the meaning behind people's actions.
People with a dominant Ne function tend to be very articulate speakers who can speak quickly, fluidly and with ease. When speaking, ideas come easily to them and they rapidly turn those into words, whole sentences and complete stories.
If Ne is your dominant function, please realize that not everyone is going to be like you. But you probably already know that. In fact there are certain personality types that are just going to make you crazy. But that's another subject.
Click here for The 5 Keys To Job Satisfaction The two personality types where Ne is dominant are ENFP and ENTP.
The two personality types where Ne is auxiliary are INFP and INTP.
The following people are thought to have dominant extraverted feeling:
Benjamin Franklin (ENTP) - inventor, writer, publisher, diplomat Steve Wozniak (ENTP) - co-founder of Apple Computer Bill Maher (ENTP) - political talk show host Tom Hanks (ENTP) - actor, movie producer Julian Assange (ENFP) - outspoken founder of Wiki Leaks Arianna Huffington (ENFP) - outspoken founder of Huffington Post Ellen DeGeneres (ENFP) - talk show host Rachel Maddow (ENFP) - talk show host Introverted Sensing (Si) Explained By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Introverted Sensing (Si) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
Introverted Sensing (Si) is one of the 4 ways to take in (perceive) information. The other ways are: Extraverted Sensing, Extraverted Intuiting, and Introverted Intuiting.
Introverted Sensing is best understood when compared to Extraverted Sensing. With Se, the individual perceives exactly what the senses are telling it, live and in real time.
With Si, the individual perceives mostly stored memories of previous sensory experiences.
Thus the person with dominant Introverted Sensing will experience something real time, but then they will quickly compare it to stored memories in their minds.
The perfect example is a quality assurance inspector in a widget factory. Their job is to look at widgets coming off the production line and then compare those widgets to a known perfect widget, an image of which they have stored in their minds.
They can easily detect any widgets coming off the production line that do not match the stored image of a perfect widget. Introverted Sensor's brains are wired for this.
Another example is a personal trainer in a gym who has been trained in anatomy and who knows the precise way to perform each exercise. When they are training someone on how to exercise, they have an image in their mind of how the person should move. How they should lift a weight. How they should hold their body. How they should be breathing. The Introverted Sensor trainer can then instruct the person in how to do the exercise perfectly and safely.
What makes Si so interested is that the individual's brain is wired make this comparison and to show them what is different between the new widget off the line and the memorized image.
Thus people with dominant Si usually have the ability to recall a past experience in great vivid detail, complete with any stored emotions. A dominant Si can re-experience a past event just as if it was happening live, complete with memories of how they were feeling at the time.
Click here to discover your best career choices Some dominant Introverted Sensors describe this as if a movie was playing in their head, and it takes them back to the original event which they experience as if it were real.
Some Introverted Sensors also see the world in a surrealistic way. This is where images of the original event appear slightly skewed and distorted. Think of surrealistic paintings.
Introverted Sensors tend to have very good memories for details. They can easily recall details of things they are interested in: names of movies, actors in movies, names of football players, numbers, percentages, specifications, financial results and prices.
Remember that Introverted Sensing is focused internally. It's happening inside one's mind and is therefore difficult to observe from the outside.
Personality Types where Si is the dominant function are: ISTJ and ISFJ.
Personality Types where Si is the auxiliary function are: ESTJ and ESFJ.
Examples of well known people with dominant Introverted Sensing are:
Warren Buffett (ISTJ) Super-investor and author Hillary Clinton (ISTJ) U.S. Secretary of State (D) Sean Connery (ISTJ) Actor - played James Bond 007 Jeff Bezos (ISTJ) Founder of Amazon Bruce Willis (ISFJ) Actor Jimmy Carter (ISFJ) U.S. President (D) Mother Teresa (ISFJ) Catholic nun and charity worker Tiger Woods (ISFJ) Golf champion Introverted Thinking (Ti) Explained By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Introverted Thinking (Ti) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
Introverted Thinking (Ti) is one of the 4 judging / decision making processes in the brain. The other judging functions are: Extraverted Thinking, Extraverted Feeling, and Introverted Feeling.
People whose dominant function is Ti are known for being very analytical, very logical and very objective. Their brains are wired to for that.
Introverted Thinkers develop complex systems and models in their heads. These models explain how things work. Whenever a dominant Ti comes across new information, they test it against their internal models to see if it fits. If it does, they store the new information in the correct category. If it does not fit, but they think it still might be correct information, they will completely re-evaluate their mental model to understand why it does not accommodate the new information.
People with dominant Ti tend to use precise language, and they dislike it if you use words and terminology incorrectly. As such, Ti's tend to have a strong vocabulary and they excel at remembering terminology.
Dominant Introverted Thinkers have been known for creating or inventing entirely new systems, models and theories.
They have a need to know how things work, down at the deepest level.
If you wanted help coming up with a fresh new name for something, like a new product, or a new company name, a person with Introverted Thinking in their dominant or auxiliary position would be the best to help you. Their brains are wired for coming up with fresh new names.
Click here for a Career Test that will show you your best career choices Same for new theories and new inventions, and even just new words and new ways of saying things. Introverted Thinking is the cognitive functions that does this the best.
If you want help thinking through a problem you have, and you want very clear, logical and emotion free analysis, use someone with either dominant or auxiliary Introverted Thinking.
One place you will see a lot of people with a strong Introverted Thinking function is the people who design analog electronic circuits. These folks study electrical engineering where they learn the theories about how electronic circuits work. Then, with the model of how things work firmly in their minds, they go out an apply it to the real world. People with a strong Ti function can learn the complex theories and then apply them.
Personality Types where Ti is the dominant function are: INTP, ISTP.
Personality Types where Ti is the auxiliary function are: ENTP, ESTP.
Albert Einstein (INTP) scientist Charles Darwin (INTP) scientist Larry Page (INTP) Google co-founder Tina Fey (INTP) comedy writer and actress Simon Cowell (ISTP) Judge on American Idol Bruce Lee (ISTP) Martial arts expert and actor Tom Cruze (ISTP) action movie star Extraverted Thinking (Te) By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Extraverted Thinking (Te) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
Extraverted Thinking is one of the 4 judging functions the brain uses to make decisions. The other 3 judging functions are Introverted Thinking, Extraverted Feeling and INtroverted Feeling.
With Extraverted Thinking, the judging is done based on facts and logic, rather than emotions and values.
Extraverted Thinkers are able to set aside how they feel about something, so they can separate out the objective facts from their emotions.
We all experience emotions when making decisions. In fact if you watch your thought process closely enough you will notice that when it's time to decide something, you first have a gut feel for what to do. But this gut feel is based on your emotions. What Extraverted Thinkers do is that they recognize the emotional content, but then they set it aside to focus on the facts.
Extraverted Thinkers tend to be logical, objective and fair.
For example, in a management role, when it comes time to review an employee, the Te manager will look at the measurable data and the facts. They will be fair with the employee even if they don't like them. They will set aside emotion and try to base their judgment on concrete results.
Because of this objective, fact based style, Extraverted Thinkers can look like they are cold and unfriendly. They also can appear to be bossy. However deep inside they may not really be cold, unfriendly and bossy.
Dominant Extraverted Thinkers tend to be very organized. Their thought process is focused on the external, real world, rather than the inner world as it is for Introverted Thinkers. Thus they try to arrange the real world to suit their needs.
Our Personality Test will show you your top career choices They use their energy to make an impact in the real world. They are driven to achieve their goals and objectives.
Extraverted Thinkers can be so organized and so driven towards achieving results that they frequently end up being promoted to work in management. Once they have organized themselves, they are ready to organize everyone else around them.
The need to organize and achieve one's goals results in the Extraverted Thinker establishing procedures and protocols. They can easily create written instructions for others to follow.
If you wanted someone to help plan and organize a project, and to keep the project on schedule for you, you would want to ask someone with either a dominant or auxiliary Extraverted Thinking to help you. That's what their brains are wired to do.
Types where Extraverted Thinking is dominant are ENTJ and ESTJ.
Types where Extraverted Thinking is auxiliary are INTJ and ISTJ.
Examples of well known dominant Extraverted Thinking types are:
Napoleon Bonaparte (ENTJ) Emperor of France Julius Caesar (ENTJ) Dictator of Rome Nancy Pelosi (ENTJ) US Speaker of the House (Democrat) Jack Welch (ENTJ) CEO of General Electric Dr. Phil (ESTJ) Psychologist and talk show host Martha Stewart (ESTJ) Business magnate Uma Thurman (ESTJ) Actress Judge Judy (ESTJ) Television judge and author Introverted Feeling (Fi) Explained By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Introverted Feeling (Fi) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
Introverted Feeling (Fi) is one of the hardest cognitive functions to understand, explain and observe.
Because it's an introverted function, it's hard to observe it in people. It's taking place in side the mind where others can't see it.
Unfortunately, the time Fi becomes easy to observe is when it's in its negative aspect and people are acting selfishly and emotionally.
Let's explore this.
Fi is a judging function where the individual makes decisions based on their own personal value system.
Thus people with a dominant Introverted Feeling function will normally be making decisions based on emotions rather than objective facts and data.
Many times, people with Fi do not recognize or understand their own personal values until someone accidentally steps all over them.
Introverted Feelers are the most sensitive of all types. They can react emotionally for no obvious reason. It takes some effort to drill down and uncover these personal values that are so easily insulted.
Now if that all sounds bleak and negative, it's because we have not talked about the strongest benefits of having a dominant Fi.
Introverted Feelers are able to tune into individuals who are in need of help. They can have the highest level of empathy of any types. Why? Because they know what it's like to be hurt, or to be in pain.
Thus Introverted Feelers are often found in nursing, healthcare and counseling careers where they can help people in a one on one fashion.
How does it work? If a person is emotionally mistreated or hurt by a spouse or partner, the Fi can look deep inside themselves and relate to how that must feel.
Because Introverted Feelers are so easily insulted or offended, they know what it's like to be hurt and they will treat others with sensitivity, caring and warmth.
If you wanted someone to empathize with you, a person with dominant or auxiliary Introverted Feeling would be a good choice.
Click here to find the perfect career Let's say you were feeling down because your significant other did something to hurt your feelings or your boss picked on you. You can tell your story to an Introverted Feeler and they will relate to you better than most other types.
Personality Types where Fi is dominant are: INFP and ISFP.
Personality Types where Fi is auxiliary are: ENFP and ESFP.
If Fi is your dominant function, please realize that not everyone is going to be like you. In fact there are certain personality types that are just going to make you crazy. But that's another subject.
Well known people with dominant Introverted Feeling are:
John Kerry (INFP) US Secretary of State J.K. Rowling (INFP) author of the Harry Potter series John Lenon (INFP) singer, song writer, member of the Beatles Jonathan Ive (ISFP) leader designer at Apple Michael Jackson (ISFP) singer song writer Beyonce (ISFP) singer song writer Extraverted Feeling (Fe) Explained By Michael T. Robinson Founder Inc.
Ni Ne Si Se Ti Te Fi Fe Overview
Extraverted Feeling (Fe) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.
Click here for a simple explanation of cognitive functions
There are 4 functions in your mind devoted to making decisions. These are called the judging functions. Extraverted Feeling is one of these.
People whose dominant function is Extraverted Feeling, focus their decision making on the external world (outside the mind) and the primary focus is on people and human kind.
They are all about connecting with other people.
When people with dominant Fe go to make a decision, the first decision criteria they use is values rather than objective facts. For extraverted feeling these values are more cultural values and values relating to human kind as a whole, rather than personal values which is what introverted feeling (Fi) is about.
Thus people with dominant Fe will fist consider the impact a decision may have on the greater good, and the people around them. They do this instinctively.
Contrast this to extraverted thinking (Te), where the decision criteria is based on just facts. "Just give me the facts" and keep any emotion or feeling out of it. I just want objective facts and data.
Because people are so important to those with dominant Fe, they will actually organize their lives so that they can connect with more people. Relationships and connecting with friends, neighbors, coworkers and colleagues is a big part of an Fe's life.
Click here to find the perfect career Dominant Fe's have the natural ability to tune into the group to know what they are thinking and feeling. They are sensitive to the morale of the people around them. Leaders and CEO's should always have a dominant Fe around to tell them how the people are feeling.
Having a dominant Fe function is especially useful in the entertainment industry where you are entertaining and connecting with the audience either by acting, interviewing, singing, or telling jokes. It can also help in politics and any public position.
If Fe is your dominant function you probably have a very strong sense of what is right and wrong, good and bad. You understand ethics.
People with a dominant Fe strive for harmony of the group. In fact Fe's will often sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the group. Achieving and maintaining harmony is crucial for Fe's. Connecting and building relationships for Fe's is of the utmost importance.
Dominant Fe's also tend to be very well organized.
Dominant Fe's are all about helping people. This would be everything from being a doctor, to writing self help books.
If Fe is your dominant function, please realize that not everyone is going to be like you. But you probably already know that. In fact there are certain personality types that are just going to make you crazy. But that's another subject.
You can typically spot an Fe in a group because they are doing things to organize and help the group. They are usually not selfish. They live for the group.
The two personality types where Fe is dominant are ENFJ and ESFJ.
The two personality types where Fe is auxiliary are INFJ and ISFJ.
The following people are thought to have dominant extraverted feeling:
Larry King (ESFJ) - talk show host and famous interviewer Barbara Walters (ESFJ) - talk show host and famous interviewer Elton John (ESFJ) - song writer Whitney Houston (ESFJ) - singer Shania Twain (ESFJ) - singer - song writer Woody Harrelson (ESFJ)- Actor Martin Luther King Jr. (ENFJ) civil rights leader Ronald Reagan (ENFJ) - US President Michael Moore (ENFJ) - documentarian and Filmmaker Oprah Winfrey (ENFJ) - talk show host
Source career planner**
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2018.06.02 06:01 Nerdy_boy_chris Ultimate X-Factor Rate

Hello all! It's me, your favorite Ed Sheeran stan. This month's rate, hosted by me and rickikardashian will be looking at 3 different groups, who all appeared on the X-Factor, Simon Cowell's American Idol copy. All three artists appearing in this rate, clearly have that special something as they have millions of fans, chart success, and their fair share of bops. Will the 1D stans take overthe rate? Will 5H be dragged? Wll Little Mix pull a CRJ? It's up to you, folks. Here is the pre-prepared message link to submit your scores. So without further ado, let's take a look at the albums!
Little Mix - Get Weird
Little Mix, the only group in this rate to actually win the X-Factor, and you can see why. This group, made up by Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson, have all the best qualities a girl group can have, no internal drama, great chemistry, good vocals, bops, even distribution of singing parts, and fantastic harmonies. And while I could've chosen any of their other albums, which you all should check out if you haven't, I chose Get Weird as it's one of their more diverse albums, with genre hopping, throwback songs, bops, and songs that show off their skills, it's no wonder that they're the 7th best-selling girl group of all time. (Except in the US apparently, get it together America.)
  1. Black Magic
  2. Love Me Like You
  3. Weird People
  4. Secret Love Song feat. Jason Derulo
  5. Hair
  6. Grown
  7. I Love You
  8. OMG
  9. Lightning
  10. A.D.I.D.A.S.
  11. Love Me or Leave ME
  12. The End
  13. I Won't
  14. Secret Love Song Pt. II
  15. Clued Up
  16. The Beginning
One Direction - Made in the AM
One Direction, the premiere boy band of the 2010s. They stole our hearts in 2012 and continued to serenade us and release bops for the next 4 years. Members Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik first auditioned in 2010 as soloists, but ended up placed as a group. They placed third in the competition, but Simon must've seen something in them, as they ended up being one of the most successful acts on his label. This album is a departure from their previous albums, as this is the first album without original member, Zayn, as he left 1D the year before. And this the last album released before their indefinite hiatus and solo careers. As such, this album feels like a more mature and grounded album than any of their previous albums. With send-ups to their X-Factor past, a re-imagining of their original sound, and a whole lot of love songs, it's easy to see why this album is a fan favorite.
  1. Hey Angel
  2. Drag Me Down
  3. Perfect
  4. Infinity
  5. End of the Day
  6. If I Could Fly
  7. Long Way Down
  8. Never Enough
  9. Olivia
  10. What a Feeling
  11. Love You Goodbye
  12. I Want to Write You A Song
  13. History
  14. Temporary Fix
  15. Walking in the Wind
  16. Wolves
  17. A.M.
Fifth Harmony - 7/27
Fifth Harmony, the only American act in this rate. This group, made up by Camila Cabello Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, and Ally Brooke, won 3rd place in their season of the X-Factor, like 1D and joined the American version of Syco. This album is their most polished and well-put together out of the three. They got good producers, actually good guest stars (looking at you Kid Ink), the girls all sounded like a group, and their most powerful singer was still in the band. This album contains their biggest and best hits, and the album as a whole is full of bops. It's too bad they couldn't keep the momentum going.
  1. That's My Girl
  2. Work From Home feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  3. The Life
  4. Write on Me
  5. I Lied
  6. All in My Head (Flex) feat. Fetty Wap
  7. Squeeze
  8. Gonna Get Better
  9. Scared of Happy
  10. Not That Kinda Girl feat. Missy Elliot
  11. Dope
  12. No Way
Bonus Tracks! These songs are separate from the main rate, and cannot be your 11 or 0.
  1. Havana feat. Young Thug
  2. Love Lies
  3. Strangers feat. Lauren Jauregui
  4. Sign of the Times
  5. Slow Hands
  6. Strip that Down feat. Quavo
  7. Back to You feat Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals
  8. PillowTalk
  9. Reggaetón Lento (Remix)


If you do, it will mess up the program, this includes the bonus tracks. Please listen to every song
II. Score each song from 1 to 10.
You are allowed ONE 11 AND ONE 0. Decimal places are allowed but only to the first digit, so scores like 8.2 are allowed while scores like 7.27 are not, as it will mess up the program
With this rate, I honestly don't expect any sabotage, but I will be keeping an eye out for it. If i see any scores that look to be sabotaged (for example, giving 7/27 all scores under 4 while giving Get Weird all scores above 9 without any explanation for either album). Having Preferences are fine. Being a little messy is fine. Hate comments are not. Sabotage is not.
IV. Comments are encouraged
If you're participating in a rate, and you don't leave any comments, did you even rate?
HERE is an example of a perfectly good comment:
Perfect: 9 This is just Style again, right?
HERE are examples of improperly done comments:
Work From Home: 10: Invented the labor force
Work From Home: 10 - Invented the labor force >Work From Home: Invented the labor force (10) Work From Home: This gets a 10 because it invented the labor force!
Or anything that’s not the first example.
Any questions or comments, leave a comment or message me or rickikardashian
Please try to have your scores in by June 30th, but I will allow extensions if you let one of us know.
Again, I don't think this particular rate will get messy, but please be civil and respect each other’s opinions, this is just a rate for fun.
Give Black Magic & Get Weird your 11s!
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2017.08.24 19:32 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 127: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • >>>CONT
    • I think it's mainly gonna be art because Petraeus[sic] {{ John Podesta }} was going and Tony we're going all through Europe selling art like goes out of style or buying art like it was out of style
    • But Hina's trip is to get that stuff out and now she's back I think they are in Florida right now
    • I think they're at The Diplomat Hotel right now in Florida preparing their defense in ten days
    • I think they're gonna try to give them new identities and they're gonna keep them
    • I just know Petraeus he's gonna keep--why would you want to give that up?
    • Why would you want to give this spy ring up?
    • Have you seen any mug shots? Have you seen any mug shots of Imran Awan?
    • Have you seen any mug shots of Hina Alvi?
    • The reason why they're backing off of the Hina Alvi thing is they're they're pushing this narrative that she's still there
    • Don't the don't ms and don't you get it that they're giving you all these different stories, because they don't want to show you the mug shots?
    • The mug shots that the mistake they made without the Jolla's they did that one article with that one mug shot then there's no more mug shots for Alpha Jollah
    • So no photos
    • So hey prove me wrong prove me wrong Steve Watson prove me wrong mirando you ever notice how Marando the attorney in this case for the state for the US fighting for our rights is close to Miranda
    • So married to Joanna Wasserman, that's who's fighting for the United States in this case
    • They're gonna do a handshake the the meeting September 1st 1:45 meeting courtroom 7
    • You know what that meeting is gonna be? It's gonna be in the judge's chambers
    • Because the defense didn't want to create a anti-muslim there's
    • We're so afraid of this anti-muslim terror we had a secret off-site meeting we decided to fine them a million dollars
    • They're gonna have to pay back those mortgages three times three times
    • Just like when they caught the guy the Pakistani ISI guys do with the stealthGenie
    • Remember all the people in Congress were cutting over from blackberry into iPhones
    • That's why Imran brought blood 150 iPhones in February 2016 from CDW
    • And he put stealthGenie on it
    • What did they do that with that guy?
    • What did McCabe do with that guy? Wrist slap wrist slap. Fine him $500,000, no time
    • I don't even think there's a mug shot
    • Again another McCabe cover-up
    • The only way the only way this happens the only way this goes forward is a mug shot of Imran Awad
    • And I assume somebody who works for the government making $160,000 a year like these six people did I assume they had a badge a photo ID of some type, to get in the Longworth office building
    • Where's the MSM?
    • Where's MSM?
    • Why wouldn't you publish?
    • OJ when he stole some of his old art back right--that was all over the place right
    • Yeah boom what's darker that face up a little bit
    • Let's throw people of color under the bus
    • Let's throw people of color under the bus
    • Let's hide behind people of color
    • Let's use people of color as Human shields
    • But no, but no when it's when it's our own Pakistani ISI spy ring, we don't want to put out those mug shots
    • Mug shots mug shots in the New York case for Alpha Jalloh and that there's a whole bunch of cases here in in Maryland mug shots
    • And that this is the Mohammed everything that brainy blonde is working on
    • Sorry Oh Truepundit came out something I gotta go read it
    • Thomas is on top of it
    • Sorry yeah-ha boss isn't gonna be another 100 somebody's come back and said Mohamed Aram Abbas is I mean I want is implicated in the plane crash of the president
    • That's where he got his spy ring!
    • You are so obvious Petraeus
    • You're just you are I read your book this is like Patton the movie
    • Patton where Patton beats Rommel at the Kasserine pass and we're almost like oh my god and Rob and George see Scott yells out I read as soon as I read all in done
    • So if we get a mug shot Dave you might want to be thinking about the Maldives
    • Might want to be thinking about the Maldives
    • All right I gotta go read Thomas Paine everybody go read Thomas Paine he's killing it
  • Intervening in the Awan Case, Meet the Taggart's, Spy Pics - YouTube
    • Hey everyone welcome back up sorry it's you a little bit better volume here I know it's a little close up
    • We're here in front of the beautiful American University College of Law
    • Beautiful building here just in the distance is going to be that big radio tower that's the American University is so famous for that our good friends in England and Dennis Kucinich met here Craig Murray had that famous meeting
    • I don't know how far it was it's not Massachusetts Avenue but I believe I still believe that the thumb drive was handed off somewhere around the antenna back there at American University
    • But if you don't remember American University from previous episodes it's CIA University CIA University
    • So anyway we're not going to talk about CIA lawyers right now or anything like that
    • We're not even going to talk about those med stars
    • We're not going to talk about those med stars at Georgetown University Hospital behind us we're not gonna talk about that at all
    • What we're going to talk about is meet the Taggarts
    • We're gonna meet some more Taggarts today
    • And then we're also going to talk about intervening
    • It's an idea of law called intervening when something about a case when used to know something about a case let's say that satellite technology from the United States is being sold through a third party through a front organization called SUPARCO
    • And then a person named Hina all of you is doing that and then it's being remarketed for a KK&R equity company, being sold all over in the Middle East and all over Africa being resold through partners through Europe
    • And now even back to the same United States to the Department of Homeland Security
    • Well when you have information like that you don't just leave it and not let the judge know about it
    • And there is a principle of law--look at my last my brother Dave helped me out here quite a bit I must admit he knows so much more about the law than I do
    • It's called being an intervener an intervene-or intervenes intervenes
    • So you I need to file the paper take it down where I was yesterday three three three Constitution Avenue
    • And then file the paper for the intervener that goes directly to the judge
    • Does not need does not need the permission of Steve Wasserman
    • Steve I don't need your permission
    • Steve I don't need your permission
    • Did I make that clear?
    • Mirando: attorney fake attorney fake US attorney mirando hey fake unis fake US attorney Mirando
    • You're not listening fake US attorney Mirando I don't need your permission. Okay?
    • I could file the intervener and that goes directly to the judge
    • And I know it's a an Obama appointee, but that's what I like about it I like the fact it's an Obama appointee that goes directly to the judge
    • It's gonna happen before September 1st before the kangaroo court before the wrist slap
    • We're gonna file the intervener just like Shawn Lucas marched it in
    • I'm gonna March it in the same way
    • File the intervener
    • Dave start writing it up I'll sign it today I'll take it down there and get it stamped today
    • Clerk clerk I can't remember what her title is official court clerk Caesar is her name will probably have to stamp it or somebody will have to stamp it
    • So people somebody go through the parliamentary procedure or the legal process for me: what I need to do to make sure that it was received and there's probably some receipt of process or something or some kind of a stamp that it needs
    • So make sure you tell me what kind of stamp it needs
    • But we're gonna intervene we're gonna publish it to the web
    • So that all journalists all across the world can report on what is said
    • I can say the truth when I intervene
    • In my writ of intervention I can say, ok David Petraeus created a KK in our cutout he used a spy ring to sell that technology that NASA technology and other technology from the Army and the Navy in the area of energetics from an Aberdeen
    • [ACTIVE ENERGETICS] I believe is gonna be one of those companies gets to be involved in the technology
    • And I don't want them to get hurt I want to make sure they're made whole
    • I want to make sure that the folks at Fort Belvoir are taken care of
    • I want to make sure that the people at the Navy lab are taken care of the people at the Army lab where I was yesterday up there in Delphi
    • Well okay so that's that's what the intervention is gonna be it's me very specific about what roles the individuals play
    • It's not gonna be a general hey I think that there's something going on here
    • This could be very specific about here's what was created there was a financial interest created by David Petraeus at KKR
    • He created a cutout called SUPARCO to sell that technology right to for his cut out KKR went up it's gonna be several different cut outs but and the agent was Natalia Sova
    • Not not Natalia SOVA sorry Hina Alvi
    • The person who we used to launder the bank funds monitor the bank funds was not ro NADRA bank funds NADRA Bank Natalia NADRA Banks SOva
    • Natalia NADRA banks ova it sounds like a long Russian name but actually I'm saying NADRA bank
    • So I'm saying Natalia Sove but I'm putting NADRA Bank in the middle
    • So it's not drew it's Natalia NADRA Bank Sova I know it sounds like three but it's actually four it's Natalya Sava with NADRA Bank in the middle get it not your bank cuz that's how they that's how they launder the money and guess what
    • The surveillance system is called NADRA
    • That's how you're gonna remember this
    • Can you just look up is it gonna rain today NADRA NADRA
    • You're looking at the satellites when you do that is it gonna rain today NADRA it's gonna rain a little bit you look up and you go NANO set
    • So if it's not gonna rain you go NADRA it's gonna rain a little bit you go NANOSET
    • I didn't create NADRA Bank I didn't put any money through NADRA Bank Natalia Sova did
    • So she has to answer for that
    • Don't blame me I didn't create NADRA Bank
    • For Nanoset ...he's gonna read a little Nanoset
    • I didn't create NANOSET that corporation was created by Imran Awan and Suriya Begum, the mother of Hina Alvi
    • World-class NADRA expert
    • World-class NADRA expert
    • I'm going to name all the conspirators in selling our satellite technology, through a series of seminars--yearly seminars, hi-tech seminars in Lahore, Pakistan, with another name very similar to (it's gonna rain a little it's gonna rain a little it's gonna rain a little nano set)
    • The high tech seminars are actually going to be called the same name NANOSET okay
    • So that's the complaint that's the intervention they can very easily brush it aside and say well here it is here's all the pictures of all the people they're not involved in anyway
    • Here's their movements here's their pictures from their Congressional IDs
    • Here it is here's all the pictures that shows you here's all their movements
    • Here's all their visas that shows you this is out of question this is out of question
    • Not not not even close to being true
    • The judge could say that
    • Or the judge could say well this is a national matter of national security
    • We got a look at this
    • Do you have anything, does the defense have anything that they could show me today?
    • To show me why this trial would not move forward?
    • This is a preliminary hearing--just like I had in Zanesville
    • All you'd have to do is just show me your show me your Congressional badge
    • How easy would that be?
    • Just go in and show the Congressional badges show your passports lay that out for the judge
    • Lay it out for everybody to see
    • Lay it out for everybody to see Steve and Mirando lay it out lay it out put it on the table exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C
    • Here are all their passports here are all their time cards here's their punch clock
    • This Your Honor this gentleman is ridiculous
    • we would never sell satellite technology through a cutout organization
    • That could never happen
    • So we had fun with that a lot of histrionics there
    • Sorry but I had to kind of dramatize that a little bit because what has to happen is the prosecution can't
    • Steve Wasserman and the other Wasserman Mirando's wife Wasserman they can't go well this this is ridiculous let's just reject it out of hand
    • They can't because it's very specific
    • It's very specific naming certain technologies and they's the best part is they don't have
    • They don't know the best parts that are coming
    • The best parts that are coming
    • Which I'm getting to you now
    • We're gonna meet the Taggarts let's meet the Taggarts
    • Luke Rosiaks not using his name but I love Luke and I'm glad he finally did say to marine 75 days after I said the marine
    • And I'm glad I finally convinced him that Muslim names aren't that hard
    • I've convinced him it's more than just a family story--this is actually Watergate 10
    • Okay. I'm glad I got through all that
    • But Luke was out there in front of everybody else
    • So I got to give Luke credit because the rest of MSM still hasn't even said Marine, ok
    • But let's meet the rest
    • The name Andre Taggert is going to drop and his wife I told you about who is a navy in the Navy
    • And I did not want to say her name before this time but now it is a matter of national security
    • Now we have no choice
    • We have 10 days before this thing goes to trial
    • I'm using this as a foil for the courthouse we have 10 days before this thing goes to trial
    • If you don't intervene intervene now this goes away and they can never be try to try it again because of double jeopardy
    • Double jeopardy is what they're trying to do--is get this thing through, try them really quick, slap them on the wrist, give them a fine, and
    • Now they got double jeopardy: they can't be tried again for that double jeopardy
    • That's what we're trying to eliminate
    • We're trying to eliminate double jeopardy and we're going to be very honest with Steve and the prosecution, that that's exactly what we're trying to do ok
    • So he's going to know what's coming the whole time
    • So now if he rejects this argument that they sold satellite technology after we have shown that David Petraeus and the Awans and a spy ring in Congress have secretive technology out of this country
    • Then that's not going to look like he's prosecuting very hard
    • This is going to become a worldwide famous case
    • This is gonna be exciting
    • Everyone's gonna be it's gonna be like the Kefauver hearings you remember the Kefauver hearings
    • God I've must have been about 30 when those Kefauver hearings came out
    • And then there was the Watergate hearings after that you remember those and then there was the there was Rosenberg and when they were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg I remember that trial it was a great trial it's gonna be right up there in the top with a great trials in American history
    • So this will be fun
    • Now let's talk about Verney. Verney is Andre's wife. Verney is a I think she's the chief petty officer now she's a chief
    • And Andre at that night told me that she was in Navy Intelligence working for the Navy currently in the Navy and did not want to be exposed
    • Well she's in all kinds of public there she's on Facebook she's into all kinds of public documents
    • So she's already exposed
    • So I'm not really exposing anything saying Verney's name
    • I am gonna say that she is listed at working Walter Reed Hospital at Fort Belvoir so I don't know she either is working at Fort Belvoir
    • Or she's working at Walter Reed one of those two
    • Or maybe she was and then she moved from one to the other she was at Fort Belvoir and she worked at Walter Reed Walter Reed then worked Fort Belvoir
    • But I believe it would be worth asking her a question or two about what she found
    • Remember she's living at the home where Imran Awan has the spy ring stuff
    • He has the spy gear
    • Imran has the spy gear at the home she's staying it
    • Does she remember any Blackberries does she remember any smashed hard drives does she remember a router?
    • Was there any traffic going to Fort Belvoir
    • Was there any router traffic going to Fort Belvoir?
    • Like if this was traffic--if this was traffic here, would any of that traffic be going to Fort Belvoi?r
    • That's all I'm asking
    • Would any of the traffic be going to Fort Belvoir
    • Maybe she knows that maybe she doesn't know that
    • But it would be worth asking
    • So let's meet another Taggart mm-hmm let's meet Lisa
    • Now I've been following Lisa for a while
    • And I've been holding back on this a lot because instead of coming in behind me and the rest of the MSM they've chosen to stay on the sidelines
    • Chosen to stay on the sidelines
    • Instead, attacking me attacking me about the Taggarts
    • And saying it's not a real meeting
    • That the meeting really didn't happen
    • Well Luke Rosiak did report the meeting and it did happen
    • The meeting happened and the hard drives were in there
    • But the thing that didn't get reported was the pile of Blackberries
    • So I am forced now to talk more about the Taggarts I'm forced to talk about the Taggarts
    • Lisa writes for the Harvard Review I believe
    • I think it's Lisa A Taggart T A G G A R T
    • Again I am NOT daxing anybody or anything like that she's she writes for the Harvard Review[lat]
    • She writes a lot of articles on kind of victims of violent crime and stuff like that I believe
    • And I believe well I won't say anything else
    • But I do believe that it's a very prominent well-known family in upper New York, Syracuse New York area
    • I know the address I know the phone numbers I'm not gonna say it everybody probably knows
    • But I think this is the time for everybody just to come forward and just explain what was really going on
    • Thanks scrunchie!!
    • American University--see what it says on the bus? It says, "We are all wonks here"
    • They're not all Wonks here--They're spies! They're spies at American University
    • There's some people that do actually step State Department diplomacy stuff but most of them are spies
    • Anyway about half
    • I'm sorry Dennis. Sorry anyway I'll get off that Craig
    • So anyway we're having too much fun
    • So so Lisa Lisa Taggart is gonna be the mother and she's gonna be living up there in Syracuse
    • And she's gonna have a home in Syracuse and she has an address the home has an address and so she's available right now to to be spoken with and you can have tea with her and whatnot
    • And just have a general conversation about what the heck is going on down there at Imran's little spy gear basement
    • What's happening at the baby back ribs door at that house
    • Is she aware is is Vinay aware is Andre aware of the baby back of the Lindbergh baby back door?
    • She aware of the Lindbergh baby back door?
    • Did anybody come in or out of the Lindbergh baby back door?
    • Was Hina Alvi really out of the country on April 10th when I was there?
    • Was Hina Alvi really out of the country
    • Now she might have taken some diamonds on the soles of her shoes on April March 5th when she left
    • She might have taken some negotiable instruments like certificates of art and bearer bonds in her purse
    • But was she in the United States on April 10th?
    • Well her car was moving around a lot her white white car was moving a lot around a lot
    • She said they took her kids on March 5th, but her kids were moving around in that car
    • I'm just giving everybody a chance to come clean
    • I don't want to do this
    • This is not fun.
    • Okay. I don't want to be that guy
    • So everybody I'm appealing to your sense of your country
    • The time frame that we have here of 10 days we have less than 10 days what am I talking about the 23rd or 24th
    • The thing this is in one week we have a week we have one week
    • So I I really really really want to appeal to everyone at this point to do the right thing
    • Do the right thing it's gonna be Okay. it's gonna be Okay.
    • Go to a journalist go to a journalist first
    • Send ten messages for your documents to ten different friends before you do
    • Don't go to McCabe
    • A new person will be substituted for your name
    • And you will have committed suicide accidentally
    • So don't go to McCabe
    • McCabe is not your friend
    • So everyone wants me to name the blackberry 20
    • I already named three of the blackberry 20
    • If you go to our Trello board you can see the blackberry 20, you can see you the they are
    • The first of the blackberry 20 is Greg Meeks New York 5 New York 5 covers a JFK Airport
    • I haven't said it a word about JFK yet .. airport anything going on there
    • Been real patient Greg. Real patient
    • Blackberry number two ted Lieu Ted Lieu blackberry number two dropped his blackberry in the toilet
    • Ted I've been very patient with you, with the port with the port in Torrance, so Long Beach
    • So with the Chinese and the whole the hacking five and all that
    • Please don't make me go there
    • Three Yvette Clark New York nine.
    • Anthony Weiner's old group, where Davis was the COS
    • We have the data all the way back to Inter-American
    • We have somebody called beep blackberry there's
    • Now a second source don't be that person
    • Don't get caught up in this
    • I'm just trying to send out a warning, not a warning a friend a friend whisper
    • We're gonna go to blackberry four
    • Here comes blackberry four
    • And again I hate it when these they they throw people of color
    • People of color are being used
    • They throw people of color under the bus
    • They throw people of color out in front of their crimes
    • They use people of color as Human shields
    • Did I make that clear that people of color are being used? Okay
    • So four is going to be Andre Carson of in Indianapolis
    • We're going to talk about the Indianapolis Airport renovation
    • And we're going to talk about LAFARGE CONCRETE in all these situations
    • Okay. I haven't brought out LAFARGE yet but I'm bringing out Lafarge now
    • So this is gonna just get better and better and better and more and more details as we come in for a landing on these projects
    • I don't want to
    • But unless you come out and say "I believe that we need to do a Congressional study to see how much what was that risk--you're in my email for the whole time I was in Congress. What could have been lost? Where is the assessment by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for an Intelligence assessment what the damage is"
    • Andre Carter[sic] {{ Carson }} you're not only on the Intelligence Committee you're not only on the Homeland Security Committee but you're on the emerging threats committee for house permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Andrey if you don't come forward and say I have questions about the Yemen raid I have questions about the 2011 raid where seals were killed I have to start talking about Port of Indianapolis I mean Indianapolis Airport
    • That's it for today I mean that's it for right now
    • The best one of course Daily Mail Daily Mail the one that that Craig Murray doesn't like that much
    • They came out with--so I published the fact
    • I'm
    • So far here's the scoreboard ready for MSM scoreboard
    • I decided to keep an MSM scoreboard {{ Good! }}
    • I'm gonna put all the MSM alternative media everybody all get to get together
    • Everybody gets together versus us
    • Crowd not crowd source of truth anymore I guess you strike that I have no relationship whatsoever with crowd source of truth
    • Give the crowd sources of truth if you want to give to crowd source of truth however they want you to give it has nothing to do with my venmo account which is g EO w e BB if you want to support me Okay. nothing to do with crowd source of truth I am George Webb on this channel w GE o w e BB and my pictures are on there where I'm on a train coming down here okay
    • So that's how it's me Okay. and it has been coming through everything's fine with the account
    • So having clearly established that I wouldn't have mentioned it if I hadn't tripped over that and slipped and said the c-word
    • So forget that
    • Now MSM versus Scrunchies
    • Okay. MSM versus Scrunchies
    • The scrunchies have all 12 of Imran's homes pictured
    • We're not even gonna talk about the businesses yet the 22 businesses because it would look like a wipeout
    • But we're gonna put all of MSN's photos versus Scrunchy photos
    • Right now we've got 12 photos up of the 12 different properties
    • Right now MSM you got two
    • You got two!!
    • You got the first home I went to 6314 Thomas drive--we're we're Imran is probably at right
    • Now and you get 9667 hawks head drive, which is the last one I went to which is why I'm talking onto a Taggart with the hard drives in the pile of Blackberries
    • You got two MSM you got two
    • We got 12
    • After you get to the 12 we'll see how long it takes
    • We'll start counting the businesses that were pictured
    • I'm not just talking about picture that you can get from Google Earth
    • But then we'll start going to interviews and how many doors you knocked on okay
    • So we'll start keeping that
    • Now that MSM is in the game, but anyway Daily Mail came out with something that we didn't have which is supposedly a picture of Natalia Sova
    • And supposedly a picture of Abid
    • Now you may have heard me say in the past that I think Abid is really in Ron about 50/50 on that
    • Because if I was suing a car dealership with a guy named Abid that guy was gonna go bankrupt, but I still needed to have that operative here, I just change the name
    • I just change it over to Imran just change it over
    • All those car dealers--they're out all their money, and same guy running the thing
    • Imran slash Abid was never at the car dealership anyway: what difference does it make?
    • I'll just change the name same thing with this thing with this trial in ten or in one week
    • I'll just have a meeting and judge's chambers
    • I'll just say Okay. fine a five hundred thousand dollars like they did with this stealthGenie guy
    • And then keep them here as agents here to work the next deal
    • Just change our IDs
    • They stay but does nothing to change the spy ring in Congress
    • There's they just stay it coming on in a different IDs
    • That's what they did all along
    • Every time they had a problem in Congress they just created another employee
    • Tthey were so greedy that they kept the old employee
    • So every time they had a problem somebody came forward like the CAO
    • And oh by the way the CAO big three are coming coming out
    • The woman's still little bit the woman's still a little bit shy
    • The CAO is gonna come out
    • Every time they had a problem he just added another employee they turned it off in PeopleSoft
    • Omar did for a couple of days a couple of days, then they flip it back on
    • Why not take the money that's how he got to six
    • Now this I'm gonna drop and people are gonna say Georgia you're crazy
    • Well they said that before!
    • They said I was crazy, that I dreamt up Andre Taggart and I dreamt up the hard drives right that were smashed until that broke right
    • Well if you look at the pictures of Daily Mail published today of Natalia Sova
    • I know debbie Wasserman Schultz takes a lot of crap for her hair
    • Looks it awful like lot like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Abid looks like Imran
    • {{ 911bs: no no no. And that person 'Abid' is not the same person as the guy looking into the car; and I would find it hard to believe guy looking into the car is the same one pictured as IT guy pictured behind his desk...but desk picture was probably his early babyfaced 20s, now he late 30s (born 80 iirc) and obviously he has done bodybuilding if IS him }}
    • Now I called the Imran thing I did not call the Natalia Sova thing because I actually thought I saw a picture of Natalia
    • So of a dating a Intelligence officer from Ukraine
    • And she went all over Pakistan--she was there...collecting beads or something
    • And that's why we're all on the Pakistani border with people shooting at each other
    • Because we have to have these particular beads from this area where they're dumping white phosphorus and shooting Depleted uranium bullets back and forth and hitting each other with sarin gas canisters
    • But these beads here these beads I got to have these beads {{ Sarah Silverman's baby back beads (sorry) }}
    • So anyway I actually think Natalia that's a dark-haired Natalia
    • So but when the Daily Mail came out and said there was a blonde Natalia Sova
    • So of and they put the picture out I said oh my god that's Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (no no)
    • So that would really that would really make this a story that would well it's already a story
    • But that would really really really be a story if she had a fake employee
    • No it just can't be
    • I think the Daily Mail got suckered
    • I think it's Imran
    • I think the picture they got of them coming out of the blue Mitsubishi is Imran and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
    • I don't think that's a picture of Natalia Sova at all
    • I think Natalia Silva has dark hair
    • I do think Abid could be Imran but I don't believe that's I don't believe Natalia Sova is light here blonde hair
    • No I don't but anyway we'll see who's right on that
    • You can't get it right all the time like Thomas Paine says you can't get it right all the time
    • So sorry I can't see anything it's too bright out
    • So I'm gonna turn it off
    • Thanks everybody keep sending those cards and letters and I'll let what happens
  • Back In Silver Springs,MD. Manitoba Street in Alexandria, VA - YouTube
    • Okay. Day 306
    • Do you recognize this building
    • I'll walk out here a little bit more
    • Some people could see the train behind me
    • So this is Silver Spring Maryland
    • We were here before talking about a company called a AAIT
    • The one that Suriya Begum worked for or the one that Suriya Begum does work for for Virginia and Maryland
    • For a testing company that there's a guy named Panna
    • And I wonder if it PANNA'd out or not
    • AAIT it also has to be the same name used by a system of medics used by a system medics I believe called AAIT for the Department of Defense
    • So we're going to keep looking at that it's a testing center it's a testing center to get people accreditation
    • And when you get those accreditations that's easy to work in the United States
    • These are accreditation for being a Cisco wireless router person
    • Or a Cisco engineer of some type
    • A Cisco engineer like was hired by Suriya Begum and Imran Awan for their company Nanoset or their company called New Dawn
    • A New Dawn Era thank you thank you
    • So I want to introduce one concept before it gets a little heavy here because it's going to get heavy and this is going to be risky
    • So I want everybody to have this concept in case something happens okay
    • So the concept is a recruiter
    • Just like a basketball recruiter when I was being recruited for Indiana University Bobby Knight and Ohio State and Michigan and Michigan State with Jud Heathcote and Johnny or Michigan and all these different Purdue and French house
    • They for the recruiter they would always have this guy working for them that was kind of like one other he wasn't the coach but he was the recruiter
    • And what they would do is say hey come on over come on over spend the weekend at Purdue--look at all the campus all the pretty campus we have it's silver springs we'll put you up in a dorm
    • So you'd see what the dorm is like
    • You can eat at the training table you could see what the training table is like
    • I wasn't good enough to go to Kentucky but I did go to Indiana with Bobby Knight
    • And I went to Miami of course
    • I never took oh wait never took a finance trip I only did self finance trips
    • You're allowed six financed trips that's where they really wine you and dine you
    • But getting back to the subject it's a little bit of proof of my background whatever
    • But the same thing is done with the CIA
    • I need to bring gangs that have worked together that I've trained overseas in war-torn situations
    • They've already--many of them have already been involved in torture, killing, so forth
    • And the reason why I want to bring them over is because they are a cohesive unit because of communications
    • Because of the language barrier
    • Because of customs it keeps it together as a cohesive unit
    • This has happened in American history for a long time, where the unit is cohesive, because they are brought over as a group
    • Now when you bring people over as a group let's say you're bringing them over in a bus like that, you bring them over in a big bus you can even travel them around when you get here like they're a basketball team
    • Or a volleyball team or in this case a soccer team or you can Brett travel them around as a Lacrosse team which University of Denver Denver University does a lot with the 185,000 guys that are on the lacrosse team at the Denver University
    • An obvious cover
    • But anyway we won't talk about Chris Hill at University of Denver
    • But my point is if I go and get it below a couple of houses on this block what I'm making is a clubhouse okay
    • So see over there the houses over there let's say I want to operate a ratline in this area
    • I want to control this bus terminal and I want to control that train area right
    • And then I want to bring in people from overseas
    • And I want to get them certifications at AAIT at the top of this building here Okay.
    • I want to bring in medical students get them certified
    • I want to take that USMLE test etc etc etc I'm running a whole operation here Okay.
    • This is a whole operation I'm bringing people in
    • I want to make it convenient for him to get here and I'm standing at the spot Okay.
    • I'm not standing at a example spot
    • I'm standing at the spot okay
    • So I want to control that train station I want to control this bus station
    • And I want to get people I want to bring them in and I want to get him accredited at this building right up here right at the top okay
    • So I'm gonna go get houses
    • Now I don't know that these houses are wrecked it directly over here or not just yet
    • But I'm gonna go get three or four of those houses and I'm gonna have a clubhouse Okay. and my operatives the people that are going to be working in this area that they're the eyes for my ratline are going to be over there Okay.
    • Blose by they're not going to be a long way away they're gonna be sitting up there
    • <<< AUDIO CHANGES >>>
    • Can't call can't call me right now
    • They're going to get used to this area you're going to use to the rhythm of this area they're gonna you have used to win the buses stop at the end of the night when's the last bus when when are the different police patrols here when are the different government agencies involved here
    • Get the lay of the land who's in each building because that's the idea you want to have people on the ground that are trained
    • So you're gonna be over there in those houses for like six months billion while you're learning your ratline while you're learning rattling
    • And you might run that ratline for after you get out of your training for about two years maybe a little bit more sometimes a little bit more
    • Then when you do successfully you get upgraded
    • Just like going from a junior high basketball team if you're good enough save the guy went through you try out for the high school team you go up the level of the high school team same thing you go to college then you go to the pros
    • Exactly the same with the CIA same exact process it's just it's a hidden process that people don't understand
    • So Imran Awan. I met many allusions to this comes into the United States working for a company called Inter-American
    • I've had many many many about over 75 days ago I've made lots of mentions of inter-american
    • And I believe he comes here in 1998
    • But he's young he's 18 years old it's like a recruit he's like a college recruit
    • He's gonna end up at a street like that over there you're at the low end of the totem pole now
    • You're the first guy you're the freshman you're at the low end of the totem pole you're not at Lorton you're not at Lorton
    • You're at the low end you're at the Manitoba in Manitoba may actually be you do a little bit of time in Canada first to get your visa set up
    • So you get a Canadian visa then you come to in the United States
    • I mean it could be that--no it's just Manitoba Street
    • That's a way to remember it because that's how that was the original ratline
    • Bringing people in from Canada and then down to the United States
    • Thank You Franny blondes liking all my tweets
    • So brandy blonde is really the one who broke the Manitoba thing
    • I had Imran properties him living here on Manitoba in 1998
    • That's kind of one of his first red residences
    • Now Manitoba isn't here in Silver Springs--it's across the river in Alexandria
    • Virginia has to cross the river
    • Reason I'm here is because of the Mohammed remember them name for this morning A K and then ramming it into a wall Akram Awan
    • Muhammad Akram Awad I'm not saying Muhammed AKRAM Awan here in Silver Spring is the is Imran's father across the river at Manitoba not saying that at all
    • What I am saying is a recruiter a recruiter--if you had a recruiter who was named Muhammad Akram Awan, here in Silver Spring
    • And he was naming all of the his kids that he was recruiting when they bring in he slaps the name at the end of their name with the name with the name Awan
    • So if you had a kid that came in here, and his name was Shaheed Imran--
    • His name is Shaheed Imran, and you as a recruiter when you're done with your training you slap them with with a third name, with the name Awan
    • What would be the new name? The new name would be Shaheed Imran Awan
    • And that's exactly what happened
    • So something happens to me when I go down in Manitoba, I wanted to tell you all about that
    • Now there's another guy coming I thought he was coming from Nigeria
    • But Brainy Blond says he's coming from Sierra Leone or there's Guinea--Equatorial Guinea
    • Could have been he was born in Nigeria trained in Sierra Leone er grew up in Sierra Leone and then did military training with the CIA in Guinea
    • But his name's gonna be Alpha Jalloh
    • I believe we're going to place Alpha Jalloh the same Alpha Jalloh the one with the bangle bracelet right now because he's trained, and that's why we want to keep letting him out of jail
    • Because he's trained--he knows how to get those cars. He knows how to go get the top cars, the most expensive Simon Cowell's 100 $250,000 Bentley's that we just found outside McConnell just found out his Bentley was bugged
    • That's a valuable commodity
    • How many cars in one year how many Bentley's just Bentley's can Alpha Jalloh steal in one year?
    • Fifty. Fifty at a quarter mil a pop
    • >>>CONT
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2017.05.02 20:14 Awesomekip Don't Quit Your Day Job: An Overview of Wrestlers' Attempts at Music

In the late eighties and early nineties, the WWF put out three albums of original music as performed by various wrestlers. The Wrestling Album, Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II, and The Wrestlemania Album.
The first Wrestling Album featured input from Rick Derringer, Jim Steinman, Jimmy Hart and Cyndi Lauper (billed as Mona Flambe).
The track list for Piledriver featured songs that would go on to be entrance themes for part of the roster (Honky Tonk Man, Demolition, and Koko B. Ware, most famously).
The Wrestlemania Album was largely written by Stock and Waterman (of Stock Aitken Waterman fame) and produced by Simon Cowell.
Outside of these albums, however, many wrestlers have tried their hands at singing and releasing their own albums, to varying degrees of success. Below are some of the highlights. I've tried to avoid entrance themes as much as possible, but a few were just too good to pass up.
John Cena - Bad Bad Man
The second single from John Cena's only rap album (certified platinum), and is a surprisingly solid rap song. The music features Gary Coleman, and if that's not instant credibility, then I don't know what is.
Roddy Piper - I'm Your Man
Hot Rod ditched the kilt and picked up a mic for this UK only single. When he's good he's great, when he's bad he's better - but when he sings, he is delightful.
Ladybeard - Nippon manju Okay so this is a strange one, but hey he won the DDT HeavyMetalWeight Championship three times, which makes him part of an elite lineage. I don't know a lot about him, but I am intrigued and possible aroused?
Macho Man Randy Savage - Perfect Friend While Savage's Hogan diss track, Be A Man, is his most famous, his tribute to friend Curt Hennig shows a different side of Macho Man. It's a shame that it's a rap album, as Curt was not a fan of rap. Savage went on tour, and even assured fans that more albums were on the way, but sadly none surfaced.
Curt Hennig - Rap is Crap
While technically an entrance theme, Rap is Crap is has outlived the tag team is written for. The West Texas Rednecks were together from June 1999 to October 1999. Sorry Macho Man, but Curt made his opinions very clear.
Vince McMahon - Stand Back!
Released as a track on the Piledriver album, this song has taken on a life of it's own, thanks to Vince McMahon's performance at the 1987 Slammy Awards. With different wrestlers playing the instruments, Vince strutted and gyrated his way into infamy.
Zack Ryder - Hoeski
What do you do when your girl runs off with another man? (coughcoughJohnCenacough) Obviously you make a siiiiiiiick diss track worthy of any dance club. Zack Ryder used his love of boybands to create the perfect music video for his tale of lost romance. Woo woo woo You know it.
Michael Hayes - Badstreet USA
Michael Hayes has always been a singer trapped in a wrestler's body. He is a performer through and through, and what better way to fuse his two loves than to sing a song that could also serve as an entrance theme? Catchier than it has any right to be, the song was at it's peak at the 2016 Hall of Fame, when a fannypack-rocking Hayes strutted throughout the audience singing his classic song.
Jeff Hardy - Every Other Day
This was my first time hearing one of his songs and it was simultaneously better and worse than I had imagined. He has five albums out currently, with seemingly no plans of slowing down. He typically uses his own songs for his entrances.
Kamala - If I Had a Dollar
Kamala has fallen on hard times, and has even lost his legs due to diabetes. He lives off disability checks, selling handmade wooden chairs, and the sales of his memoir. He has also apparently recorded a cd that fans can order.
Chad Brock - Yes!
You remember Chad Brock, right? WCW from 1994-1996? Popped back up in 1999? Well, he was there. After retiring from an injury, he moved on to country music and has the highest charting single of anyone listed here. He is now a radio host, with his final album being released September 2001. Now I'm not blaming 9/11, but.....
Pretty much the entire 1984 roster featuring Cyndi Lauper and Meat Loaf - Land of 1000 Dances
From The Wrestling Album, this instant classic features almos the entire roster chiming in to a versions of Land of 1000 Dances. Words cannot do it justice.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - 'You're Welcome' from Moana
While The Rock did a series of concerts during his return from Hollywood, this is the first real song released by him. It's only a matter of time until he's releasing actual records, isn't it? The man does everything.
Hulk Hogan - Hulkster in Heaven
Okay so this album is a train wreck. Many of the songs don't even feature Hogan! I will say, the Hulkster has a much better voice than I expected, but the midi trumpets and overall production leave a lot to be desired. I'm sure there's a drinking game here, somewhere.
Mickie James - Somebody's Gonna Pay
Much like Chad Brock, Mickie James left wrestling for the easy cash that country music has to offer, although she never found the same success. Still, she has two albums out, and if you like country music, I'm sure they are listenable.
Bret Hart - Never Been a Right Time to Say Goodbye
This is a classic from The Wrestlemania Album, featuring Bret Hart talking about how hard it is to break up. No, he's not much of a singer, but the chorus has an unfairly catchy hook that makes the song just palatable enough.
Jimmy Hart - Girls in Cars
Jimmy Hart has the most music clout out of anyone. His old band, The Gentry's, had a hit that knocked The Beatles down a peg on the charts, and even toured with the Beach Boys. Aside from writing practically every WCW song, as well as Bret and Shawn's music, Jimmy kept writing non-wrestling music as well. This song appeared on Piledriver, and was even nominated for a Slammy!
Jeff Jarrett The Roadie - With My baby Tonight
I just think it's weird to hear Road Dogg Jesse James singing country, but that's aside the point. Although the idea was scrapped to reveal The Roadie as the true singer of Double J's "hit" song, the song lives on. Honestly, with country music what is was in the nineties, this song probably would have been an actual hit, if recorded by someone else.
Chris Jericho/Fozzy - Do You Want to Start a War?
Fozzy started as a Ozzy Osbourne (Fozzy Osbourne) and then grew into what it is now which to quote Jericho, "If Metallica and Journey had a baby, it would be Fozzy." With a new video out TODAY and a tour coming up, Fozzy is in their prime.
I'm sure there's some I'm forgetting, or simply don't know about. I also wanted to make a Spotify/Apple Music playlist, but a lot of these songs aren't available to my knowledge.
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2017.03.18 08:38 rmma [Official] Brace 47 Sydney (Live on Fight Pass) Discussion Thread

Please keep the fight discussions in here.
If you have something substantial to post about a fight that warrants its own thread, remember to keep spoilers out of the title and add the [Spoiler] tag. Please mark it NSFW if your thumbnail reveals the outcome.
Do not ask for or supply streams. Your post will be removed and your ability to post will be suspended.
FIGHT CARD AND START TIMES (Each start time is hyperlinked to a countdown and conversion to your local timezone)
Main Card: (UFC Fight Pass) @ 4:00 AM ET
Division Fighters
Welterweight Theo Christakos vs. Andrew Mills
Welterweight David Francis vs. Rick Alchin
Bantamweight Claire Todd vs. Mel Zeman
Featherweight Simon Arentz vs. James Vandarakis
Featherweight Nurbolat Kuandyk vs. Beau Luxford
Middleweight Jacob Malkoun vs. Cam Rowston
Welterweight Joel Vigors vs. Luke Spears
Bantamweight Byron Cowell vs. Ben Watson
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Comment Streaming and Chat:
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IRC Chat
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Click here for today's General Discussion thread
Enjoy the fights!
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2016.11.18 03:45 asdsadad222 History 298: Oprah Winfrey, the Tycoon
Personal wealth Born in rural poverty, and raised by a mother dependent on government welfare payments in a poor urban neighbourhood, Winfrey became a millionaire at the age of 32 when her talk show received national syndication. Winfrey negotiated ownership rights to the television program and started her own production company. At the age of 41, Winfrey had a net worth of $340 million and replaced Bill Cosby as the only African American on the Forbes 400.[99] With a 2000 net worth of $800 million, Winfrey is believed to be the richest African American of the 20th century. There has been a course taught at the University of Illinois focussing on Winfrey's business acumen, namely: "History 298: Oprah Winfrey, the Tycoon".[100] Winfrey was the highest paid TV entertainer in the United States in 2006, earning an estimated $260 million during the year, five times the sum earned by second-place music executive Simon Cowell.[101] By 2008, her yearly income had increased to $275 million.[102]
Forbes' international rich list has listed Winfrey as the world's only black billionaire from 2004 to 2006 and as the first black woman billionaire in world history.[99] As of 2014, Winfrey has a net worth in excess of 2.9 billion dollars[103] and has overtaken former eBay CEO Meg Whitman as the richest self-made woman in America.[104]
Can we get this back?!


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2016.10.04 03:05 playing4peace2 Grace VanderWaal, Classical Composer of Contemporary Popular Folk Music

After seeing her first performance (I Don't Know My Name), I knew I had just witnessed the birth of a musical legend. This isn't the first time I've said this, either. Simon Cowell compared her to Taylor Swift (which he later explained as meaning her strength of character and opinion). But, I saw greats of the early years of Rock and Roll and Popular Music manifesting in this young prodigy - Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King in songwriting prowess (just to name a few); with the power vocals of Janis Joplin. And when she shared the stage with Stevie Nicks (who bowed to Grace before singing), I knew the music industry -- all of it, everywhere -- was awakening to what we are all witnessing.
And just what, exactly, are we witnessing?
Grace's music is, as far as contemporary music goes, singularly unique. Her songs are complex works of artistic inspiration - musical genius. If you break any of Grace's songs into their component melody sections, there are three, four, or even FIVE distinct movements; and the way "I Don't Know My Name" closes cleanly, fully resolved both musically and lyrically, with a stinger, is pure artistry.
Most works by modern songwriters are two movements, three at most. Two would be verse and chorus (Blowin' in the Wind [Dylan], Hallelujah [Cohen]); three would be verse, chorus, and break strain (many songs by Jim Croce and Elton John had break strains). But,... four or FIVE distinct portions, arranged to sound like nine or more?! Very few contemporary popular music composers do this -- Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller come to mind as examples, also The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and Queen on several works.. This is the kind of thing Mozart and Beethoven did, centuries ago.
Beautiful Thing (short version) is five distinct musical units (six in the full version), arranged to sound like many more. Light the Sky and Clay are also complex musical structures. Grace isn't merely a songwriter; she is a composer of miniature symphonies - at the age of twelve - and she's completely unaware of it... she's just writing songs - naturally.
While she may list contemporary pop/rock talents among her influences, when she went from bland and popular to joining the marching band, she stepped into a new musical experience which is clearly evident in the works she has already produced.
During non-football season, a school's marching band typically becomes the school's concert band (various athletes leaving and rejoining the band throughout the seasonal sports rotations of the year). It's relatively safe to assume that Suffern is no different than the small town school I attended. And so it is also safe to assume that Grace has been exposed to the classics. Every marching band learns John Philip Sousa. Every concert band learns Mozart, Brahms, Bach, and/or Beethoven. And, while Grace may not have yet been deeply or directly exposed to all of these great composers, any score she ever learned to read was influenced by them. Furthermore, every score she ever read contained a variety of musical forms, voices, tempos, moods, etc. ... the extended language of music (beyond just the notes). I'm talking about this stuff - the words used to indicate how to play the notes. Grace's music exhibits clear evidence that she feels, understands, and utilizes these concepts, regardless of whether or not she annotates her notebook of songs with them.
When she joined the marching band and made the closest friends she'll ever have in her lifetime, among those friends were the greatest composers ever to have lived. Grace is a classical composer of contemporary popular folk music, singularly unique in style, and influenced by more than she cares or dares to admit.
And let's not forget her lyrical maturity. Using the vocabulary of a very typical ... like, you know... a twelve year old girl, she joyfully and passionately sings of love, courage, determination, resilience, faith, trust, and many more concepts normally associated with a mature lyricist or poet.
When I think of how blessed I am to be alive, witnessing this musical miracle, I cry... a lot. (Yes, of course. Tears of joy.) I am an old man, and getting older faster than I care to think about. Four months ago, my future appeared to contain little more than the prospect of assisted living in a facility for the elderly. Grace has given me a bright future, filled by the vicarious enjoyment of her life and music.
Delicate and fragile, yet powerful and inspirational, with joy in her heart, she sings a new song to a new generation. She is writing her name in the annals of history -- on the face of time, permanently and forever.
And as much as we all love her playing the ukulele (I play the uke, myself), I hope that someday soon she will put those long, slender fingers back onto a piano keyboard, where they will undoubtedly make more musical magic. (You have plenty of time, Grace. Just do it.)
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2016.06.08 05:49 CallMeMrPeaches Tenacious D vs Johnny (The Devil Went Down to Georgia) vs Robert Leroy Johnson in a Rock-off

Three legends of music, each with some manner of demonic influence. They each have a 15-minute set (with prep) in the Red Rocks Amphitheatre to impress our panel of judges: Simon Cowell, Stanley Crouch, John and Gail, and of course, The Devil himself (composite from each of the characters' pasts). Each judge will hear each act's set and score it out of 10 (John and Gail score collaboratively, or individually out of 5 if you prefer). The highest total score wins. Contestants may not harm each other or the judges, impede each other's ability to play, or interrupt each other's performance, under penalty of disqualification. The contest is not literally a rock-off, in that performers will not be penalized for performing genres other than rock.
Notes about the performers:
Tenacious D - RT
All feats from songs allowed. No Pick of Destiny. Can choose to perform as a duo or with the help of a drummer (and more if they like) provided by the organization holding the contest. Musicians fielded by the hosts are the perfect studio musicians: they are completely competent in whatever genre the performer asks of them, but they will never steal the show and will never give an edge to the contestants in the competition.
Lyrics from the song allowed as feats (in that he beat the devil at fiddle-playing, not necessarily that he's the best there's ever been, as this is a boast). Has the golden fiddle (may choose not to use it). Backed by a rock band or an orchestra, at his discretion, provided by the organization.
Robert Johnson - Wikipedia
Personal legends taken as true; that is, he did sell his soul to the Devil in order to play the blues, but he plays no better or worse than he did in life. Accompanied by a jazz combo of his choice if he would like (Delta blues is often played by a single performer, so he likely won't) again provided by the organization.
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Simon Cowell Family Guy Wiki Fandom

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  7. He Makes SIMON COWELL to Sing With Him, and Everyone Else... Audition Week 4 The X Factor UK 2017
  8. OMG! Simon Cowell's Never Heard That Version Before! Got ...
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Simon Cowell Says David Crossed the Line in A Quiz Britain's Got Talent 2018 Semi Final 2 S12E09 - Duration: 6:17. Breaking Talents Showcase 1,271,906 views Subscribe now for more! Simon Cowell sat down for a chat with Ayda Field, but his adorable son Eric just had to get in on the action. A... Watch 80 year old singer Janey Cutler from Glasgow on Britain's Got Talent 2010, as she sings an amazing audition. What did you think of her singing performa... Simon Cowell Net Worth 2018 SIMON COWELL Biography ,Wife, Son, Family, House,Cars,Pets,Yacht 2018 Please Subscribe for More Aw... #XFactor #XFactorCelebrity #TalentRecap For more HD videos, news, analysis and recaps of X Factor 2019: The Celebrity Show – please subscribe to Talent Recap... Simon Cowell's Son and Wife - 2019 [ Eric Cowell & Lauren Silverman ] Maybe you want to watch Dave Bautista - Transformation From 1 To 48 Years Old https://y... Watch singer and winner Angelina Jordan as she sings Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on America's Got Talent: The Champions 2020 (AGT). Check out her ... See more from Britain's Got Talent at Jimmy Tamley’s ventriloquist act had us howling with laughter, and now you can re-watch his BGT A... Friday, September 15, 2017: Simon Cowell and wife, Lauren Silverman, with their son, Eric, were all in matching outfits for a trip to Kitross in Beverly Hill... Putting Pictures to the Music, DaBoyzTV present to you this mickey take